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diy 40w Customers Reviews

  • Very nice for amateurs

    posted by fzdamico

    - The power rating is very good (40W).
    - It heats fast.
    - The power cord is long enough to work well (175 cm).
    - The tip is small, so it is possible to solder small parts (not that smallest electronic components).
    - Its a very good alternative to make some soldering and repair in electronics.
  • Best buy

    posted by totosh

    Decent soldering iron.Heats up very fast at lower temperatures(needs some time to heat up to maximum,and temperature adjustment is a nice bonus.You can see internal components so look is great.Overall build quality is decent,could be better but for this money,it's more than expected
    Doesn't have EU plug so it requires sku.3529 to work in Europe.
    For that price,I doubt you can get any better soldering iron,it will do great for occasional amateur use.Thumbs up,if you are going into some simple soldering you can't go wrong with this soldering iron.Buy it :)
  • This is a very nice product!

    posted by JeX78

    It heats very fast and its power cord is long enough at least for me.Its temperature control appears to be precise (not against real temperature).Its body dont heat (and mealt) with the metallic part like some models sold here in DX
    The Clip Cable dont appear to be usefull and dont have any indication about his use (for non technicians).
    I hope that I dont need to buy another Soldering Iron too soon.Just going to buy better quality new tips.
  • Great value

    posted by caddymum

    This item will cost you 4x the amount anywhere else for what you are getting.
    The build quality is better than I expected.
    It heats up very fast, and the handle offers great protection from the heat.
    The end of the handle does not get too hot to touch it.
    The tip is nice and sharp, and can get into the tight spots when required.
    If you are looking for a decent soldering iron, you really can not go wrong with this model.
    Make sure you need the 110V application, because that is what this one is.
    There is no 220V option.
    Also for this price you won't get a better soldering iron anywhere.
  • Very cheap, does what's supposed to do.

    posted by michar11

    Very cheap product. Easy to use. The tip is sharp enough. In my country I can buy a soldering iron like this for double price. The cable is not too short.
    At first use little amount of smoke came from the iron. But I think it's normal.
    It has a flat plug so if you live in Europe you should buy a flat to round converter. You can find it at DX at very cheap price.
    Really liked this product. For an everyday electronic use its a great deal product.

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