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diy 10w Customers Reviews

  • bought i to make small mp3 amp!

    posted by mikeyb789

    bought it to make a small mp3 speaker system. looked for other amps but couldent find one with low amp draw. to use with 12volt 4.5 amphour battery.
    wether its a small system like i made or a standalone amp you can make it happen with this amp. do not use very high tones withit as class d amps cannot amplify them properly and distort badly.
    buy it make something cool with it or use it to replace a failing amp in small stereo and will not disapointed
  • strong light source

    posted by ustohal

    Round plate with 20pcs LEDs lit intense warm light. Luminous flux is about 70W clear bulb. Beam angle of 100 degrees estimate. She has a lot of heat, it is necessary to place the radiator. It can be screwed for the center hole. Isolate the screw, there is short supply pads. Covering plastic layer is soft to the touch. Rather put LED module cover glass. CAUTION: do not look directly at lighted plate, it hurts your eyes really shines a lot.
    It is an efficient light source with high power. I will powering 12W LED constant current cource cower cupply driver 300mA (SKU 81770). Lit perfectly.
  • maximum light, maximum heat, minimum life

    posted by cemilozk

    so much light, so so so shiny, you can be blind, you can think that you can use one of these in a room on evening instead of regular ceiling lamp.
    you have to use it with extra heat resistance otherwise inner small leds in the COB led can easly get burned one by one. Mine Leds got burned.
    it you know how to use it with heat resistance and with low voltage and low amper, buyit they are perfect for you. Otherwise they will be a short life.
  • Useful LED set

    posted by fuliautomatixNZ

    Very bright, probably around the same as a 30W bulb. There is no lens on the LED so the light is spread in a wide beam.
    The LED obviously requires some soldering, it is very easy to solder as the terminals are thin and easy to heat, I used the 9W led driver board to ensure I don't cook the LED. http://www.dx.com/p/9w-3-led-power-drivers-for-mr16-lamp-light-12v-5-pack-66274
    Its all good.
  • Nice warm light

    posted by junglking

    Good build shining bright led. Warm light
    I bought this LED for outdoor activity together with 26A battery. Im not recommend to connect it directly to battery 12V. In this case it will damage cos of overheating very fast. Use resistor in the circuit. Next my measurement Current A/Resistor Ohm: 0,24/7,5 0,28/5,9 0,33/6,2 0,31/5,8 0,86/3,3 warm 0,86/1,3 hot. For my opinion the best is 0,3-0,4 A for long time using without overheating.
    In the future m.b. try testing this led with AL heat sink. Anyway good LED but use it with well know care.

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