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diy 10w modules

The diy 10w modules your looking for is one of our top sellers. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

diy 10w modules Customers Reviews

  • Bright LEDs

    posted by bradley90

    These are super bright RED LED modules. With only a 10 Watt dissipation, it is really easy to mount to a small heat sink with a small fan and not worry about over heating the modules. These modules would make fabulous emergency back lights. By keeping the amperage below 500ma, a smaller heat sink would be required and a simple constant current source could be constructed using a 78LM05 voltage regulator and one resistor. No fan would be required
    None - Just great LEDs
    Bottom line, for the money, these are awesome LEDs. They can be used in interesting DIY projects like LED communications or theme lighting.
  • LED ligths

    posted by miguel020684

    Low consumption and powerful light bulb and also an appropriate warm light to give your place a comfortable environmentIndicated for places with long uses everyday to save energy
    Good opportunity to improve your skills as a handyman and little by little improve your home by yourself
    Briefly is very useful but you have to know how to manage it and combine with the rest of products
  • Best deal for this price

    posted by lavricini007

    Very brite LED module. I will use them for extra light on my car. 1000 lums is almost the same power as H4 but it uses much less energy 10w only. It is so powerfull that you cant watch directly into sorce of light (could be dangures).
    Dont try to use it without the cooler. When ones becomes overheated lifetime of LED reduces rapidly.
    Soo if you know how to handle and use it just buy it. I cant find cheaper and better LED, I thing also you wont.
  • Useful LED set

    posted by fuliautomatixNZ

    Very bright, probably around the same as a 30W bulb. There is no lens on the LED so the light is spread in a wide beam.
    The LED obviously requires some soldering, it is very easy to solder as the terminals are thin and easy to heat, I used the 9W led driver board to ensure I don't cook the LED. http://www.dx.com/p/9w-3-led-power-drivers-for-mr16-lamp-light-12v-5-pack-66274
    Its all good.
  • Very bright small light module

    posted by Gaizz

    Gives enough light to light up a room. Cold light. Could very well be 6500K and 1100 lumens.
    I've let in run for 1 minute with improvised passive cooling. It got noticeably warm to the touch. I think it should run with active cooling, otherwise it will have a shorter lifespan. Works with sku.42745 Don't look directly into it. It has 9 LEDs in series-parallel combo.
    Good light module; it might be the cheapest among the 10W 1000+ lumens on DX.

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