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diy 10w led

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diy 10w led Customers Reviews

  • A whole new world

    posted by webspaces

    Cheap, bright, excellent color, especially if you use pairs of warm and white to get a nice blend of color. Theres no funny hues.
    If you messed around with MR16 led lighting, youll know how little light most led lights produce. These are different. The specs are pretty much as they say. Matched with SKU. 145771 and an old intel cpu HSF (E18764-001 is best) it draws 800ma at 11V, giving 9W. Use pairs of warm or one warm one white for a nice color.
    These new arrays change everything and finally make replacing CFLs practical.
  • Surprisingly bright!

    posted by farmandkbh

    Planning to make a reverse light for the car. This LED in series with a 3,9 ohm 5 W resistor and a heat sink will do the job (avg 13.6 volts on my car). Could use a constant current driver (ex. SKU 3256) but i think it's a bit overkill and the resistor is a lot more safe in this environment.
    Just waiting to make comparisation with the std bulp!
    Highly recommended, but remember that current must be regulated rather than voltage
  • Amazed

    posted by itakestime

    Very VERY bright. I was not expecting it to be this bright, and being 12 volts you can just connect it to a standard 12 volt power supply and it goes.
    Very bright, creates a bit of heat so you'll have to put quite a large heatsink on it. Quite a yellowish light, only slightly whiter than a standard incandescent which is great. I'd probably say this is equivalent to a standard 40-50w 240v light bulb.I'm going to purchase another 2 of these and make it the main light in my room.
    Fantastic, absolutely recommend .
  • Bought them to use in my ceiling lamp

    posted by emzi01

    - Price is one of the best- As bright, as is should be, not less- Easy-to-solder contacts- Small enough to fit in many appliances
    - Package labeling indicates 9-11V, 1050mA, 900lm- Tiny hole on one of the contact means (+)- Neutral white light
    Good for those who knows how to DIYMust be used with heat sink only
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by bradley90

    These are super bright RED LED modules. With only a 10 Watt dissipation, it is really easy to mount to a small heat sink with a small fan and not worry about over heating the modules. These modules would make fabulous emergency back lights. By keeping the amperage below 500ma, a smaller heat sink would be required and a simple constant current source could be constructed using a 78LM05 voltage regulator and one resistor. No fan would be required
    None - Just great LEDs
    Bottom line, for the money, these are awesome LEDs. They can be used in interesting DIY projects like LED communications or theme lighting.

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