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diy 10w led

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diy 10w led Customers Reviews

  • Unbeatable price

    posted by brainzilla2

    They are warm-white and true 10W LEDs.So far I drive one of them in chain with two cold-white ones and the resulting light is pretty much an optimal balance between cold and warm.Light output checks out as far as I can tell by looking at it compared to the 3x cold-white setup.
    LED-lighting your home is getting interesting.Hope decent, dimable drivers will get cheaper and better soon.
    If you want warm LED-power or shift you cold 10W-array a bit get these.
  • Very bright LED

    posted by Kizontije

    Still experimenting with it, trying to find best way for implementation. Very bright, can be used for study desk for learning and reading.
    I tested it with vaious types of powers, from 12V to 14V, it seems that all values of power leads to same degree of heating.
    I will be back when I finish testing and implement it finaly.
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by bradley90

    These are super bright RED LED modules. With only a 10 Watt dissipation, it is really easy to mount to a small heat sink with a small fan and not worry about over heating the modules. These modules would make fabulous emergency back lights. By keeping the amperage below 500ma, a smaller heat sink would be required and a simple constant current source could be constructed using a 78LM05 voltage regulator and one resistor. No fan would be required
    None - Just great LEDs
    Bottom line, for the money, these are awesome LEDs. They can be used in interesting DIY projects like LED communications or theme lighting.
  • Wow

    posted by bussemann

    Incredibly bright (do not look straight at it at close range.)It does say 15-17V operating range, but I have run it straight from a 12V battery with no discernible drop in light output.
    It is bright enough to work as a photoflash, and does not need heatsink for that kind of intermittent use.
    This is the brightest led I have ever seen. 1050 lumen does not accurately describe the awesome light intensity from this led. Seeing is believing
  • Useful LED set

    posted by fuliautomatixNZ

    Very bright, probably around the same as a 30W bulb. There is no lens on the LED so the light is spread in a wide beam.
    The LED obviously requires some soldering, it is very easy to solder as the terminals are thin and easy to heat, I used the 9W led driver board to ensure I don't cook the LED. http://www.dx.com/p/9w-3-led-power-drivers-for-mr16-lamp-light-12v-5-pack-66274
    Its all good.


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