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  • It works on my MBP

    posted by uchenk

    First time i worry to buy this cable with price under $10 but i just try it because actually i dont need it. I always use VGA connection to make presentation or connecting Macbook Pro to external monitor etc. Projector or LCD.It works in my samsung TV with HDMI cable to connect with macbook pro, including audio support.For audio, i must go to setting to change audio output.Overall it usefullness for me.
    recommended to buy
    there is more interactive when this item available in some colour ;)
  • Excellent cable. Recommended!

    posted by michieldewit

    I bought this cable to convert the DisplayPort adapter on my Dell Latitude E6410 to a more common HDMI plug and it works like a charm! Plugs are good quality and fit well. The cable itself looks professional and is of good build quality.
    I have not tried audio over this cable, so cannot tell whether that works or not.
    Recommended for every Dell Latitude owner.
  • Fabulous

    posted by Zeke.Frazer

    Supports both audio and video on Dell U2410 24" 1920x1200 monitor using an Alienware M11xR1 Notebook as DisplayPort source. Picture quality is good with no artifacts or breakup. Two channel audio via U2410 monitor was clear with no distortion. Didn't test 6 channel.
    Using my Alienware M11xR1 and the Dell U2410, I tried to reverse the cable by connecting the DisplayPort end into the monitor and HDMI to the Notebook. This did NOT work. So in my environment this is a one way cable, meaning DisplayPort to HDMI.
    Does the job.
  • perfect!!

    posted by MumChamber

    comes in great packing, I was positively surprised when I saw the package.it looks like a quality build, it doesn't feel like a cheap replica. the material feels right and it looks durable (but I haven't tested).most importantly, it works like a charm.
    too bad that mini displayport doesn't support sound. potential buyers should be warned that this has nothing to do with this cable, but something related to the macbooks. you need to buy a separate cable to carry sound.
    just buy it!
  • It does what it says it does

    posted by Guatom

    1. Simple and efficient design.2. It does what it says it does.3. Hard to find it in just one piece, so this is kind of a rarity. Other ways to solve the problem this cable solves is buying an adapter and then handling two pieces (cable + adapter).4. White color for Apple fanboys or hipsters.5. Great portability, since it's... Just a cable, you know, cables are easy to carry. No big endings, it's just what's its needed.
    I buyed this for my Lenovo T430i which has many borders, folds, nooks and crannies in the place where the ** connector side gets plugged. When viewing the cable, I thought "Oh god, this is never gonna fit!", but it fitted perfectly. In fact, too perfectly. It's like designers of the cable thought "We bet that laptop designers are gonna make it difficult for a cable to get plugged so let's make a tiny connector".
    Do you need to connect a DisplayPort to a HDMI port? Buy this.


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