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displayport to dvi adapter

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displayport to dvi adapter Customers Reviews

  • Cheap

    posted by hutoi

    Rather cheap, adapters like this cost 2 times as much in local stores.Works with no image quality problems. Bends easily, so fitting it to your desk causes no trouble.
    Just like a real thing, I mean a thing they sell at the corner store.
    Works for me, should work for you too.Maybe the tolerances on the connectors are a little more relaxed than they should be.
  • Extra useful mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

    posted by misspixel

    This adapter is cheaper than Apple's original one and a nice price for an extra adapter at a second workspace.It looks the same so nice fit with the adapters I bought together with my laptop.Nice fit, feels solid.Good connection possibilities due to maximum pin openings.
    What I like best about this adapter is its flexible connection possibility due to the pin openings compared to Apple's original. It happened to me that I could not connect an external display because of a lack of pin openings in Apple's adapter.
    Highly recommendable, does a great job and I use it without a single problem.
  • Very good product

    posted by fedecascardo

    Small and very well constructed. Looks very good done and i would buy it again if i would need it.Easy to connect, just a plug and play - Very cheap, I would pay around triple the money in the nearby stores - Firm build quality
    It a very useful product, you can plug 3 types of males, DVI HDMI and DisplayPort to it, so you can have the cables and from one computer allows to connects to another devices like a Television or a monitor.
    It a very good product. Definitly useful and simple.
  • Works with 30" Apple Cinema Display

    posted by Jonas0707

    This adapter will connect the 30" Apple Cinema Display to a new MacBook with MiniDisplay Port at full resolution.
    Adapter has DVI+USB connector and you need to connect both. This adapter is the least expensive one I found. To me it's the only adapter allowing my to use my older - but still superb Apple Cinema Display - with my new MacBook.
    Without this adapter I would have a useless 30" inch display.
  • Works as should

    posted by matcarfer

    It works as it should. Image is crystal clear (tested with an Intel motherboard with GMA integrated and DisplayPort connector with a DVI LCD.
    No drivers, no settings, no problems whatsoever. (as expected, its a simple adapter).
    A must if you need to connect a DVI LCD with a DisplayPort connector.
    The adapter its long so you should have space on the back of your PC to fit the adaptor + DVI cable.
    I bought it because its difficult to find it where I live (Argentina).
    Its useful because I can connect a Notebook with DisplayPort to a LCD TV with DVI and a long cable without losing quality.

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