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displayport dp cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent cable. Recommended!

    posted by michieldewit

    I bought this cable to convert the DisplayPort adapter on my Dell Latitude E6410 to a more common HDMI plug and it works like a charm! Plugs are good quality and fit well. The cable itself looks professional and is of good build quality.
    I have not tried audio over this cable, so cannot tell whether that works or not.
    Recommended for every Dell Latitude owner.
  • Very good cable

    posted by amirov

    Good quality connectors.It has a professional look and feel.After 5 minutes I was done working.
    I've a graphic card with two outputs one DVI and one DP and two LED screens with DVI plugs only. Now I have two working screens that I can use on the same computer.The only problem that I had was that the outlets on the graphic card are placed close and it took some time for everything to be connected well on the graphic card.
    The only problem that I had was with the graphic card and not with the cable.
  • Works with Eyefinity

    posted by KayDat

    Works as advertised, it's a DP to VGA adapter.
    Works with AMD Eyefinity.
    You might need to add custom resolutions via driver to get it playing nice with other monitors in your setup. It may have been specific to my adapter, but I had to add 1080p HD settings via driver to get the adapter to match up with my monitors.
    Does the job, but you might need to do some fiddling to get it to work, depending on your setup.
  • Works perfectly with audio too

    posted by dirtycarrot

    Carries both audio and video from my pc's Display Port to a HDMI cableGood cable length so that it can be bent up / down / sideways in tight spaces
    I bought this for my Optiplex 390 Small Form Factor pc to give me connectivity to my TV. I couldn't use the onboard HDMI port for this purpose as you can't run the Intel onboard port at the same time as you are using a standalone video card (which has a DVI and a DisplayPort connector). I hoped it would be able to transport the audio signal to the TV as well, and it did!
    Great price, highly recommended!
  • Works great, cheaper than the official Apple way

    posted by Xudonax

    A real plug&play solution to connect a MacBook Pro with mini DisplayPort to a generic DVI screen. Just plug it in (and wait for the graphics card to switch on newer MacBook Pro's) and you've got yourself a working external display
    Real cheap when compared to the official Apple adapter. And with that adapter you only get a female plug, so you have to buy a DVI cable (another $20 or so here). So for the official Apple solution, you'd have to spend about $50, while this is under $20.
    Great product, good quality. It just works.
    And remember, on new MacBook Pro's it can take a while (up to 30 seconds in my case) to switch to the discrete GPU for use of an external screen...

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