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display panel Customers Reviews

  • Good instrument!

    posted by lucho911

    Very good indicator of voltage. The size of the numbers is perfect to be placed on a dashboard. The making power at the same voltage to be measured. Very convenient! It is very easy to use, just connect the wires.
    Good buy if you want to know the current that delivers a power source. Ideal to build a dashboard. For the price you can take advantage!
    Nothing to add. Really is a great buy you will not regret making. It will be money well spent.
  • Precious instrument

    posted by JuanAlv

    It is a highly appreciated element to take the pulse to the load of a car. It is a small device that can be placed anywhere in the cabin, its construction is of quality.It has a beautiful blue screen that indicates the amperage reading accuratelyResistance shunt which has the device is large and looks very robust to be able to install without problems in the engine compartment without fearing that it can deteriorate with temperature or with a sharp blow.
    Beautiful and useful automobile generator current meter.
    Excellent value for money
  • none

    posted by resonance

    it works perfectly. the plug of it fits perfectly. packed well. there is almost no way to break it in its package.pixels are great. there is almost no way for me to understand difference between the orginal apple one.
    if you have a broken ipod touch 2g NEVER miss it!!!you cant have any cheaper or better.
    BUY IT!!!
  • Arrived broken, but easy to fix

    posted by foamandtape

    works with not much light at all, turns slowly. fairly good design.
    really needs to be packed in a Styrofoam box rather than cardboard as the spindle/shaft thing that holds the turntable can be broken in transit.
    not bad, I like it. although be prepared to re assemble it depending on the condition it arrived in.
  • Good product for this price

    posted by wanderernomad

    It is small.Gets attached with minimal fuss.LCD is bright and crisp.Solar rechargeable.Auto connects with the phone even when switched on after a couple of days.Pairs with 2 cell phones but will receive one call at a time.
    A very practical device and is good for conversing on phone as it lets you keep your eyes on the road. To see caller ID you need to lift your eyes to the screen unless you have kept the phone at eye sight level.
    Buy it if you always drive with your windows rolled up and the vehicle has good noise insulation.

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