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  • PC Monitor Display Test VGA Signal Generator

    posted by svicentic

    Easy to use, just enough test screens, low power consumption, excelent pocket sized, reasonable price...
    The Unit is well designed, small dimensions, light,very easy to operate. Can be operated USB powered.Tester has just enough test screens for both CRT and LCD diagnostics. I missed even only one of wide resolutions e.g. 1366x768 or 1440x900 but you can still use built-in 4:3 resolutions to diagnose monitor fault even in full HD 1920x1080. The unit stays cool using it while testing monitor for more than 3 hours ( USB powered).
    Overall: very good unit for personal or small service use
  • very neat LED display

    posted by gpavel29

    Very nice and slim display. Also i find it very light.It comes with two inputs with priority on input one.
    I have it installed in my vehicle and is paired with a rear-view camera part # 258573. It is installed on my travel trailer and i have approx 50ft (16m) cable between them.
    Very good quality, and really works. Worth to buy for travel trailers and RVs. The price is decent for the quality offered. Shipping was unexpectedly fast for DX
  • Good in dark conditions

    posted by jsal123

    Layout is good (having the display on the right). Easy to install & use (if you can do basic electrics). Plug and play interface. Looks stock. Good display size for camera use. Looks impressive at night / dim conditions. Seems rigid & of proper quality.
    Looks good when installed. The mirror unit was a bit thicker than expected but this is not a real problem. The problem is that you can use it ONLY after the sun has gone down. Maybe a tinted matt finish foil on top could help. Or if it's possible to take this gadget apart, to peel off mirror finish from the display part.
    If you are a child of the darkness, this is a good product for your hidden 4,3" display needs.Without modifications almost impossible to use in the daylight. Would probably pass the annual check since it does look like a normal mirror.
  • Works good for second screen

    posted by franssie

    Works perfect to connect a second screen to a netbook without using a real docking station, just use an USB hub and with one cable connect mouse, keyboard and with this item also your second screen! Works with Windows 7 here as an extended desktop.
    (not tested having a third screen on the VGA port directly - might work)
    Worth every cent if you do not have an docking station but want to dock and undock quickly without having to unscrew the VGA cable every time. My studying girlfriend would not want to miss this a day!
  • good product

    posted by martijnvwezel

    Very good product for the price. I am happy whit this. Because its easy to build. stiff enough. Also very cheap for what you get. I would bought it again when i need it.
    If the round circel holls where move 18 degrees it would be better :) and more rings for good force appling
    good product for this price. I am happy whit this. Because its easy to build. stiff enough. Also very cheap for what you get. I would bought it again when i need it.

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