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  • SD

    posted by Azurefrost

    Good quality.Display settings handed with 3 buttons .Nice picture and great colors for this small screen. Good angle of view. Perfect for a car camera build in cars
    Overall a nice quality item.Wonderful for handmade projects and perfect for a car builds and similar kind of projects.
    It really does worth it if you are looking for this kind of item.
  • Very good LCD at best price

    posted by Riwels

    Can't be cheaper. The price on local stores is about 9-12$.Nice quality built in.Easy to use. with MCU. 100% LCD1602A compatible.Good blue backlight, there's no blurring.
    It works with the Arduino LiquidCrystal library. Also, is very easy to use it and you can save some pins by adding a multiplexer, like 74HC595. Then you can add a second LCD, not taking pins from your MCU!
    It's a very recommended item. The price is very low and is very easy to manage with a multiplexer, so I think it's a better option than prebuilt modules.
  • Works well with 3.3V Arduino

    posted by steveo

    Works well on a 3.3V Arduino using SPI. u8glib supports this display using the U8GLIB_MINI12864 constructor. Cute little display, works well
    Datasheet is available here: http://x.openjumper.com/mini12864/
    Inexpensive 128 pixel x 64 pixel graphical LCD.
  • bright and high-quality screen

    posted by micluha

    Connect your camcorder over the front door. The picture is bright and clear. Regurirovki: brightness, color saturation, language, video input selection. packaging is bubblewrap, there are pins in there that perforates it because of mail delivery
    You can use the TV screen as MPEG2-MPEG4 DVB-T receiver. Very good for the price, especially since you get what you see on the TFT screen right away without delay
    great price for a screen resolution of 800/480
  • Good, beautiful and cheap

    posted by bandolero1972

    It has a high precision of measurement, the same than gives the polymeter, and the blue digits are very bright.Perfect for proyects that require good precision measurement, like supervision of the charge level of batteries.
    Great instrument if you need it. The wires requires be equipped with a connection system.Accuracy increases or decreases according to the voltage range being measured. That is, if we measure less than 10 volts, display two decimal digits. Similarly if we measure 10 volts or more, show a single decimal digit.
    Buy it, can not go wrong.


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