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  • Nice cheap timer relay

    posted by mr22turbo

    Great price! Screwed one open and the electronics on the inside are well made.Its possible for the timer to count down or up to the set time. Timer can be set in seconds, minutes and hours.
    There are different types of timers, check the product number, this one needs AC220V as a power source. Timer has possiblity to hook up a reset and pause switch. The relay can be connected as normally opended as well as normally closed. English manuals can easly be found on the internet through the product number.
    Great product for a great price!
  • works fine

    posted by nosklo

    it works perfectly as advertised. When connecting it immediatelly shows the voltage and if you put a cell phone to charge, it will show the amperage that the phone is pulling from the charger
    It servers its purpose, you can easily separate the chargers that are slow to charge or not working at all and stop using them
    You won't use it every day, but, for the price, really worth it.
  • BCD display ready for implement your logic.

    posted by SirJko

    This piece is very cheap compared with others and they have the same behavoir as the original ones. (Even it can be cheaper)It is very good made, with no errors and well solded, it has defects that could affect the entire project. So you will be fine for displaying your thins in four alphanumerics.The mini breadboard is an excellent piece that every engineer should have since it is tiny, with good color and no errors. This is very useful when you do not want to lose time solding for make this displays. It is ready to use with your microcontrollers.
    If you are a beginner, do not hesitate for buying it since it is an excellent piece for you projects.
    It is a good kit that you need to have if you are in electronics or alike field, since it is useful for small and big projects, etc. You will not have problems to use it and display everything what you want.
  • Time counter

    posted by kaijuu

    Nice, big and bright LED-display. Counts seconds, minutes or hours (choice is made through a jumper on the back). You can choose whether the unit zeroes itself or not with another jumper.
    The connection is as follows: short V and A; the count begins. If you don't set it to auto zero, the value will stay on display until you short D and GND or if you power it down and up again.Datasheet can be found by Googleing for um5140tu-a1
    Nice module and if you want to keep track of how long something's been up while it has power, this is a unit to go for. Does not retain its data after power down.
  • Nice 4 digit display.

    posted by DrJFM

    Only takes 2 wires to use. Mine was a Catalex as shown. Had seen some complaints about these devices from various sources, but no problems with this one.Used: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_4-Digit_Display for trial sketchs and nice timer routine too.
    Surprised how accurate a clock you get with just the UNO crystal and no correction. Wanted to do something each day at a time +/- a couple of min.If I have to adjust the "clock" once a week, no big deal.
    Ordered a couple more! Will try w ATTiny.

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