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disk sata enclosure Customers Reviews

  • Great looking and functioning HD enclosure

    posted by mehappel

    Nice looking and working very fast. Feels sturdy and high quality. Comes with cable and pouch and stuck on tips.
    Manual still refers to usb2.0 although it is a 3.0 version. Also no clear info on how to disassemble, some info on the box but it is not for this type.
    Great product if you need a 2,5" HD enclosure. Te black is nicer than the silver one.
  • Very good product

    posted by blibbertibs

    This is a very slim and stylish enclosure made of... well, I don't know what it's made of, but it looks really cool. It says OMATA on one side, which is a lot better than other enclosures that say "USB 2.0 ENCLOSURE". Mounting the 2.5" drive in was pretty easy. Just slide the drive in and affix the two metal plates on either side, then screw in 8 screws.
    The wire that came with the enclosure has a mini-USB head that connects into the drive, and the other side has 2 USB heads. For my computer, I only need 1 USB port to power the drive, so the other is sitting here being useless. There is an LED that tells you if the drive is connected to the computer. It turns red when it's busy.
    I like this a lot, it is my new friend. I stuck my 40GB Fujitsu PS3 hard drive into this thing.
  • Cheap, but does the job.

    posted by TRENT310

    - Doesn't require external power.- Comes with everything you need, including a screwdriver, so you can get up and running right away.- Very easy installation.- Status indicator LED changes colour depending on activity.
    It uses a USB A connector for everything. Generally the device has a USB B connector. Doesn't affect its function though.It's better to plug in both cables to the computer first, then to the enclosure. If you plug in the enclosure first, then the computer cables one by one, it might try starting up, and failing because of inadequate supply current.I would have liked a SATA passthrough connector.
    It works exactly as intended.
  • Compact and fast

    posted by thany

    Very compact design, and achieves full USB3 speeds (as long as drive can handle it - I tested with an SSD). Connection is a true/standard micro USB3-connection, so it works with any standard micro-USB3 cable.
    Use it with an SSD to achieve super high speeds through your USB3 connection. But it works with USB2 as well.
    Nice and compact enclosure, but handle with care. I'd recommend it.
  • very good product!

    posted by pierreyv

    Great device, with data to USB3, transfer is boosted.The design is correct with 2 positions (locked and hub position).I can use all my differents HDD (in 2.5).I have also note that i need only one cable plugged in my computer to use it.
    In the general aspect, this object is useful with an excellent price-quality rapport!If you need a good data drive for your HDD-SSD, this device is all of you need!
    No complaints about this order, I have an excellent and functional device for a good price.

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