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  • One of the few with only one USB port connector

    posted by Gabatronic

    It´s nice and it´s well constructed. But the design is simple and nice. The cable is short so it takes no space, in the same noetbook bag, where any space counts.
    The box came with a little soft rubber but there is no place for it. The HD fits perfectly in the box with no adjustment rubbers.
    Great product. I think the other ones cost 1 or 2 dollars less, but this is nicely designed, and I think that has a price. I´m happy.
  • Really a USB 3.0 chip!

    posted by rhuanecc

    - Comes with a really USB 3.0 chip.- The transfer speed when plugged in a USB 3 port is the same than the HD is connected in a e-Sata port, average 67 MB/s, with top speed of 83 MB/s.- Can be used normally in a USB 2.0 port, with the average transfer of 20 MB/s and top speed of 25 MB/s.
    - Comes with really USB 3.0 cable.- Beautiful enclosure.
    The screenshot of tests that I did (HD Tune) can be seen in the images of product.
  • Acceptable function, not exeptional quality

    posted by avidtech

    Great for gaining some file transfer speed; I get roughly 60 MB/SEC with a out of this little guy. The interface board is quality, the use and assembly is very simple. No extra power supply required.Space effective size.Pretty good, once you manage to get it together.
    The manufacturer needs to stop using so much superglue. If there was just a dab, I would be able to fix this enclosures major issue myself. I did attempt to debond the glue with no success.In manufacturing, they could also apply the glue AFTER they insert the interface board into the plastic carrier.
    I would recommend getting a different enclosure for nearly the same cost. This one seems to be working very well now that I got it together (looks fine, feels sturdy now), but you could receive a much poorer quality one than I, that you may not be able to get it together, and require an RMA.
  • Compact and fast

    posted by thany

    Very compact design, and achieves full USB3 speeds (as long as drive can handle it - I tested with an SSD). Connection is a true/standard micro USB3-connection, so it works with any standard micro-USB3 cable.
    Use it with an SSD to achieve super high speeds through your USB3 connection. But it works with USB2 as well.
    Nice and compact enclosure, but handle with care. I'd recommend it.
  • Noce cheap HDD Enclosure

    posted by Shunra1

    Seems pretty reliable (still works after 3 years), looks good, easy to install, comes with a protective 'leather' case, good price
    Bought this for reusing my old laptop's HDD as a portable storage device, the installation wasn't a problem and everything worked out of the box and has been working since then without any problem.when compared of brand name external HDDs this one is comparatively slow, but it does get the job done
    A cheap external HDD enclosure that works


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