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disk enclosure 2.5

You can find fashionable disk enclosure 2.5 at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

disk enclosure 2.5 Customers Reviews

  • Good Deal

    posted by rcmueller1977

    -Well built
    -Good price
    -Always stays nice and cool
    -Works well with Vista 64bit
    -Great for traveling
    Used for my 60GB PS3 hard drive when I swapped it out, haven't had any problems yet.
    It's a solid construction, has held up to being stepped on.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a cheap external enclosure
    It's a steal for $10.
  • Excellent USB 3.0 drive enclosure

    posted by Leperous1

    Great coloruses only 1 USB slot to power super fast speed. true USB 3.0 connectionrigid aluminum casegood quality cable
    comes with a light pouch and some insulating felt to help minimize vibration. I used this case for a solid state drive, but used the felt pads anyway.
    It works, it uses only 1 USB plug in, Its well made and the cable is good quality. I would be a little careful with the plug in on the enclosure itself. It felt a little flimsy. This is a fantastic value and one of the best enclosures I have bought off of here.
  • Works well, doesn't fit thicker drives

    posted by RahzaDream

    Works well, appears to protect the hard drive adequately. Fits hard drives 9.5mm thick and lower.Read/Write speed is average, appears to be fairly consistent.
    Aesthetically pleasing, looks nice when closed
    Get this if you want a good quality 2.5'' HDD enclosure for those spare hard drives you have laying around.
  • Very good product

    posted by shpax

    Fairly cheapLightweightCompactFastHousing finish well madeMetal capLong cable enough
    Very simple and quick open/close mechanism, no screwdriver needed, just slide top cap back or forth and lift it up.Very tight casing so be aware with bigger hard drives, 1 mm wider and it won't fit.Top metal part is very good as heat sink.Fast transfer rates, if you compare with USB 2.0 housings it is very significant upgrade.Works up to 500Gb, I did not try larger capacity drives.
    Quality/speed/price is very good for this product.
  • Really a USB 3.0 chip!

    posted by rhuanecc

    - Comes with a really USB 3.0 chip.- The transfer speed when plugged in a USB 3 port is the same than the HD is connected in a e-Sata port, average 67 MB/s, with top speed of 83 MB/s.- Can be used normally in a USB 2.0 port, with the average transfer of 20 MB/s and top speed of 25 MB/s.
    - Comes with really USB 3.0 cable.- Beautiful enclosure.
    The screenshot of tests that I did (HD Tune) can be seen in the images of product.

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