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disassembly repair Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Product

    posted by pcoroado

    The keys and the bistori are of very good quality.The order was very good packaging.
    The tools are in accordance with what was expected.
    It was necessary to replace a digitizer ipad 2, and needed tools. With these tools could repair the ipad.
  • very good tool

    posted by Zoran68

    Excellent and indispensable tool ... without it, can not work Iphone..... this tool can do a lot of other devices, may well serve to open remote controls, monitors, it is important that when you open it without damaging the plastic, it does not leave a scratch.
    You do not need to say anything, and a great tool odluicnog qualityScrewdriver is so small that you can open and watches, as well as other mobile phones.It can also be used to play the guitar (of course a little laughter)
    I would recommend anyone to buy this tool
  • One time investment

    posted by RayMann

    There are a lot of extra pieces i didn't use. Because it's so complete, you probably can open all kind of watches!Alt the little bits were glued in place with a kind of wax.
    Came with a nice box, so you can put all the pieces in the right place and store only one box without losing a piece
    One time investment and after buying, you probably can open all your watches! Cheaper then the watch maker!
  • A useful tool to have in your toolchest

    posted by HobsonA

    + Product worked, bought it to make repairs to a watch and I was successful.
    + Build quality seems decent, and they look nice.
    I bought this item to repair sku.16037, I was able to successfully take the back off and make the repairs I needed to make and it feels good to have my watch back on my wrist. I'll probably make a video in the future to show how to use this tool.
    Simply another tool that everyone should have in their toolchest
  • very usefull tool kit!

    posted by zav

    I loved this since it arrived. To begin, that yellow plastic board acomodates all iphone screws in right position. This is awesome to me, because I have many opened iphones all the time with me. That board allowed me to keep organized, and it´s a time saver.
    But opening pryers kit is very good, helps a lot. Problem is same as all plastice pry tool: they break.
    bottomline is I liked this pack, and would buy it again. as a matter of fact, buying one more (for i5) right now...

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