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  • I had to Wireless

    posted by izmail

    looks solid. aluminum material. robust constructionsuch as that of a TV antenna.
    A nice package arrived. looks good. I sold it. unfortunately could not test this. not because sma entry.
    good structure. I would like to test. input source can be cut and plug sma
  • Works great - super fast shipping and super cheap

    posted by scottie_517

    I really like this product and I'm glad I bought it. I live in an apartment with concrete walls and the antenna on my standard belkin router just wouldn't cut the mustard when it came to punching through with the range - This did the trick perfectly.
    Overall - I'm extremely impressed by the signal boost that this antenna gave me - I intend to recommend it to my friends who are suffering from the same problem. It boosts range sufficiently to get through concrete walls - what more could you want?
  • this is the best 2,4 ghz antenna in dx

    posted by sequence

    hi and true dbi. came with u bolt connector. easy to connect any vertical stick. 78 cm antenna can catch the signals very easy. it is came with long hard tube so there is no shipping problem.this is also waterproof and good for outdoor using. build quality is like the other expensive ones (ladox , d-link etc.)
    i think u bolt help connect the chassis on the ground.
    this is the best 2,4 ghz antenna in dx.
  • Working antenna

    posted by ramla

    It's a wlan antenna, and it works.
    I do not know much about wlan signal or how strong it should be. I had lost my router's two antennae ages ago and ordered from here since I finally got fed up of the two meter radius wlan. Signal is 100% almost everywhere in my 71 m^2 flat. It only gets a bit weaker with the bathroom and about 10 meters in between the router and my phone.
    I couldn't find RP-TNC antennae from local stores at all. Here they are cheap too.
  • Seems to work fine for me.

    posted by alexlfm

    To start with let me state that I have 2 of these which I use on my WIFI router as antenna. I keep the antennas in the attic of my house so they have a clear area to broadcast.
    Overall I've found that while using these antennas I've experienced a 10-12 db gain in signal compared to the stock antennas that were on the router to begin with. I've also noticed that my wireless range has been extended around 10-15 feet compared to what it was before.
    These antenna feature an SMA adapter which is used by many major WIFI maufactures for their antennas includeding Linksys. This makes it super easy to install and use.
    I somewhat wish that these antennas had a longer cable, however as the longer the cable the more the Db loss, I can understand why they don't.
    For the price this antenna is a decent option for someone looking to get a little bit better range out of their wireless router or their WIFI card. As they use SMA their easy to connect and install. Although they don't work quite as good as they could, I've found them to be pretty good for the price.

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