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directional wifi antenna

The perfect directional wifi antenna here to meet all your needs. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. You can also browse wifi antenna 300mbps and antenna wifi high. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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directional wifi antenna Customers Reviews

  • Good antenna

    posted by sukoa

    Excellent quality, good cable and material. Buy it if you really need a directional antenna for your wifi conexion.
    I may sell it or exchange it for some other item, at this time I don't really need the antenna anymore, maybe in the future I may purchase an onmi.
    Make sure that this item is what you really need, if you really need it purchase it and enjoy good quality signal.
  • Perfect antenna

    posted by pyro329

    Good item, however I also bought similar SKU 33016 and 33016 is cheaper while providing the same quality. By the way, 33016 is also a bit longer though it has 16 units only. All in all, some connections are better with these YAGI things and some are better with more compact regular omni-directional antennas. I installed YAGI in my appartment the following way: just one screw into ceiling close to my window, then attached to it (upside down) little tripod found in Dollar Store. Simply put 3 tripod legs around screw and tie with strong wire (I used clothes hanger to get the wire). Then you need just one appropriate bolt to attach antenna to tripod screw so you can easily rotate and fix your antenna. That's how we built intercontinental missiles in ex-USSR. Some of them later were further converted to launch small satellites into space ;-)
    I tested this on a network analyser and it's well tuned for wifi. It detunes easily by touching close to the radiating element so make sure you mount it clear of any bushes or such that may touch it. Due to the design Yagi antennas are very easy to aim. Just sight down the pole.
    Just buy it! It's worth every single penny!! Have Tested the product and it works as promised!!!
  • Where else can you get hi-gain for such a price?

    posted by JohnnyricoMC

    Bought 3 of these for my 802.11n routerThe signal reception improved a lot, finally the wifi reached through all of the house and transfer rates improved too (thanks to the better signal reception)If you have an access point with a small antenna and you need to improve the signal, this is a simple way to do so. I don't know of anywhere else where you can get +7Dbi or higher antennas for such a low price.
    Keep the antennas at least 10 cm away from each other at all time. The length of a wifi 2.4Ghz wave is 100mm. Bring the antennas closer to each other than 1 wavelength and the router or AP's wifi chip has a good chance of overheating. This has nothing to do with these antennas. It's just physics. Every wifi device has this problem.
    Get one (or more) of these if you can't afford expensive high-powered wifi equipment but still want to improve the signal reception on your router.Note: this is RP-SMA, which is the standard connection on most routers and APs. Don't buy this if you use Linksys equipment. Linksys routers and APs use a different connection.
  • Working antenna

    posted by ramla

    It's a wlan antenna, and it works.
    I do not know much about wlan signal or how strong it should be. I had lost my router's two antennae ages ago and ordered from here since I finally got fed up of the two meter radius wlan. Signal is 100% almost everywhere in my 71 m^2 flat. It only gets a bit weaker with the bathroom and about 10 meters in between the router and my phone.
    I couldn't find RP-TNC antennae from local stores at all. Here they are cheap too.
  • Could improve!!

    posted by ElRodri

    Good antenna for long distances in a straight line, has a good coverage for AP's that are in an angle of 160 degrees, but the best signal is achieved with the target in a straight line.
    I recommend it if you have to mount a network between two distant points, but for domestic use in a home I do not greatly improves the signal.

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