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directional high Customers Reviews

  • Sturdy yagi!

    posted by Laakkonen

    Cheap, very sturdy, pretty light, comes with a pole mount (vertical polarization), will stand HEAVY wind load. Easy to aim.
    I was out of network connection for a week. I made a ~200m long link to an AP with this antenna. It is directional and high gain unit, but not too difficult to aim (rotating the antenna 20-30° made the AP invisible).
    Great antenna for links and misc. usage. Not too heavy for portable operation.
  • Very good deal!

    posted by goostom

    - Sturdy design.- Mountable on a pole with the bolts and U-shaped irons.- About 1.5m (5ft) of cable with RP-SMA Male connector.- Surprisingly cheap
    For this small amount of money you just can't say no.Attached to my Alfa 2W USB device, I was able to see wireless networks that were within 200 meters of my range. With the standard 5dBi antenna I saw 12 AP's. With this antenna I saw over 40!
    If you want to use it to boost your signal from wireless router directionally, you can buy this without being ripped off.
  • Great signal!

    posted by burdo

    Iv'e got full signal inside of a concrete plant, where I didn't get any signal before.I used in my android phone and the results are brilliant.It's really easy to use, con it's only a connector that you need.It comes with the necessari cable to put the antenna little away of the phone if you need to.
    The clip helps to fix it on the top of the phone.It can be used in a lot of phones, look at the back of your phone for the correct connector type!
    Great deal if you have no signal in your home or work.
  • Omni Directional 12dBi Antenna

    posted by Poviking

    Really nice item, bought it for my 4G modem but it didn't fit so i had to modify the connector so it would, i live in a low singal place so my normal antenna would not pick up much of a signal. When i connected this antenna everything got faster. Jumped from Download:1.5MB/s UPLOAD:900kb/s up to 6MB/s Download and 3MB/s Upload.
    really good quality build.
    If you want a cheap antenna this is one to grab.
  • Could improve!!

    posted by ElRodri

    Good antenna for long distances in a straight line, has a good coverage for AP's that are in an angle of 160 degrees, but the best signal is achieved with the target in a straight line.
    I recommend it if you have to mount a network between two distant points, but for domestic use in a home I do not greatly improves the signal.


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