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  • Could be better...

    posted by orikron

    Really 8dB
    Really directional
    Realmente 8dB
    Realmente direccional
    Ideal to replace the antennas that come standard on most devices, as they tend to be 2-3 dB.
    Ideal para sustituir las antenas que vienen de serie en la mayoría de dispositivos, ya que suelen ser de 2-3 dB.
    If you want to increase lightly your signal ¡buy it!
    Si quieres incrementar un poco tu señal ¡Comprala!
  • Good boost for the price

    posted by theunoticeable

    Marked improvement of reception on both a linksys wireless router and linksys pci adapter. Magnetic base for easy mouting on anything metallic. This antenna gets the job done!
    Boosts your signal clearly and cheaply. A longer cord helps for attaching to a PCI adapter (computer tower being under a desk) or attaching to a router (moving the antenna further to better improve reception)
  • very usefull directional antenna

    posted by edilakes2

    This item is very useful if you are trying to design a personal wifi coverage. If attempting to get your wifi on the pool but don´t wan´t to increase your base station power, This is your item.
    The material seems not very good, it looks plastic, but it´s has made his work properly. It´s still working and I´ve twisted it a lot!
    I would like to have some measurements to share because it seems to me that it´s not 8 dB, but again, it´s working very good for me. You should buy it.
  • A good antenna

    posted by Marco9000

    This is a decent antenna for the price.The construction seems sturdy, the antenna tube appears to be fibre glass or similar.Good coverage.Believable gain.
    I'm using it on a router set-up as a wireless bridge for a remote network and it works perfectly.With the standard antenna on the router the wifi connection had been pretty hit and miss.
    Definitely one of the better antennas on DX.The omni-directional nature of this antenna adds to its ease of use.It probably would not need much in the way of modification for external use.
  • Can Be Useful

    posted by BoraDURSUN

    Has a suction cup base.
    I purchased this item thinking that it could increase the signal strenght of my 3G modem. However, it did not work. I don't know whether the problem is with the modem or the antenna.
    This item did not work for me. However, it may work for you -depending on the modem model, network frequancy and what you expect!-

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