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digital weight Customers Reviews

  • Funny thing to make you fit

    posted by ivankovtun

    Wery funny, nice and colorful gadget! It can count your hops, milleage that you could walk, while hopping, amount of calories, that you have wasted while excersizing, stopwatch, and even displays actual time! :) Handy holds, quality rope, a moment of challenging - it's all that you need to have a good time!
    I reccomend this product to buy fir kids, for fun and for you, who has young soul and young body! Be in fit! Very funny packng box with description of masai habits also will tur up your mood!
  • Great working weighting hook

    posted by Mozesk

    Small, light and easy to use digitsl weighting hook scal. Tried it with different thing to see how the scaling is and it works fine and precise enough within the ranges
    Just good a product offer for the price
    Very handy even when not going out on vacation? And I think it is rather stupid to minimze the review to 500 characters for a product like this!
  • Interesting Product

    posted by contactbg

    Very compact dimensions and light weight. Easy to pack and take it with you.
    The plastic case is well build and sturdy.
    High degree of accuracy.
    Fantastic to weigh bags before leaving home to check in at the airport.
    Very comfortable and sturdy strap to attach o the bags.
    It also displays temperature, which is approximate.
    Don't throw the case. You can pack the item back in it to avoid scratches.
    Excellent purchase. These scales come in handy for travelers to weigh the luggage.
  • Great buy

    posted by DigitumDei

    Pretty damn accurate given the price.
    I measured this on a microbiology lab scale (down to the 5th decimal place) and it came in at 4.998grams (I forget the last two digits, they were low)
    This is a pretty damn accurate (for the price) calibration weight. Assuming you are using it for the 2 decimal place pockets scales sold on DX, it will be more than accurate enough.
  • It simply does the job it's entitled to do!

    posted by Espork

    It's made of solid material and I verified their exact weight with a calibrated scale with .000 precision. They all weighted exactly 100 grams.
    Also, it's pretty compact so you're able to use it even on small portable scales, I personnaly always travel with one so I can prove to people my scale is correctly calibrated.
    Don't know about the other guy and the mixed up SKU, mine arrived in great shape.
    Does the job it's intented to do. If you need to calibrate precisely a scale, buy some of these!

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