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digital voltage Customers Reviews

  • great multimemter - poor probes

    posted by polyvox091283

    great multimeter. pretty precise, great built. seems reliable. great LCD display. really robust. works really good for 95% os the eletronics work. Just don`t dear to use this with high voltage / current. specially cause the high current mode IS NOT FUSE PROTECTED. so stay away from this kind of measurement with this multimeter.
    the multimeter is great. works really well. I`m buying new probes. a good ones this time.
  • Very good meter.

    posted by lolland

    I only use it for hobby basis and it's very good for that. I love the small size. It is very accurate and the auto-power-off function has saved the battery more times than I care to count. Build quality is very good. The battery last for a long time. It got lots of features I haven't tried (only measured absolute voltage and ohm)
    I wish it could measure current too.
    Cheap and small, good for normal use.
  • Nice small voltmeter

    posted by GBDealX

    Small overall with bright clear display.Simple hookup with third wire allowing for monitoring voltage independent of meter power supply.
    Should come with some connection information although the connections for this unit are more intuitive than for the matching ammeter.Caution when connecting to measure voltage other than the meter power supply: the measured voltage source must either be complete isolated from the meter power supply OR share a common ground.
    Good display for permanent installation. Will not replace your multi-meter,
  • Very useful

    posted by AVoyager

    Excellent device! Very comfortable to use and very useful!
    Product can be better if light level can be regulated; if some switch to lock (turn off) keyboard will be implemented; if display will turn off when +12V is off (currently background light is off in that case)
    blue light is too bright, but orange is very good
  • good clock

    posted by bujdos

    Good brightness of display, adjustable in 3 steps.Clock back-up by internal battery, quite accurate (error ~1 sec per week).Simple control.
    Thermometer reasonably accurate, resolution 1°C. Resolution of 0.1°C would be nice (although the practical usefulness of such resolution is questionable).When supply voltage is less then ca. 10V, the reading of the voltmeter is wrong (although the gadget works from 5-6V). At 13.5 V it draws 40-50 mA.
    The display has a bit "dense" look, the numerals are close to each other.

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