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digital voice recorder

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digital voice recorder Customers Reviews

  • Not 3D, but awesome quality

    posted by Skilletini

    -First off, really great quality audio! Crystal clear, almost no static or noise, sensitive mic.-It's easy to use.-Each recording is a separate audio file, named automatically by date and time of recording.-Reeeeally small (about the size of two Bic lighters taped together).-Comes with nifty lapel mic (also excellent quality).-No drivers needed.
    It's lightweight design gives it an initial feel of fragility; However, it actually feels quite durable despite its lack of heft.
    This is well worth the money. If you're looking for a good voice recorder for a bargain, I recommend this one.
  • It does the job

    posted by lucashtorres

    *Come with the "other gadgets" to record phone calls*you dont need to put it on your mouth to record, you can leave it on a table (haven't tried with noise around)
    It is good for the job. For the price it's a good product. I preffer to pay cheaper on this recorder than spend more money one an expensivier one like sony because for me its the same thing (maybe with poor quality buttons but it doesnt matter)
    It does the job
  • Rather good little recorder for the price

    posted by adamoell

    Records WAV files which are easily accessible via USB. Recording from built-in mic is pleasantly clear, and via lapel mic (included - what a bargain!) is not bad at all - clear, with good tone and fidelity. User interface is easy to work with, and the built-in music player function works well - and sounds very good with a decent set of headphones. The tiny built-in speaker is surprisingly good for replaying voice recordings and music - decent volume and clarity for its size.
    The device is extremely light and compact, would fit happily into a shirt pocket. Size is 82mm by 36mm by 13mm, weight is just 33g on my kitchen scale.Because the device is intended for recording from microphones, it isn't good for recording from line-level outputs (ie mixing desks, stereo systems or ipods). This isn't really what the device is for, but it will work if you turn the volume of the source down to the minimum - I got good, clear recordings at the minimum output volume, but anything more than that produces horrible distortion/clipping as there is no option to bypass the built-in mic preamp.
    I am very pleased with my purchase so far - it's easier to use and better for voice recordings of public speaking than my old Zoom Micro BR. It's a shame about the little hum, but I still feel that this gadget is a very good bargain!
  • Funnu little voice recorder

    posted by Ilenat

    + Cheap+ Funny+- Lo-fi voicequality
    I just love it's lo-fi sound. You can recognize what is saind in recording if you speak clearly. "Voice changing"-button changes speed of playback which just really boost the truly fine lo-fi soundquality of this thing.

    Modern digital lo-fi at it's best. I am sure that I will use this in mu music projects.
    Great toy and cool for lo-fi music if you are in to "digital toy lo-fi".
  • Works very well!

    posted by EricoEMU

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