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digital video Customers Reviews

  • Great camera really good image quality!

    posted by OurPlaceNorth

    *Great image & sound* Compact size*Lots of accessories*pretty light
    Useful as dash cam, but on the bike I will modify an extra case so I can have it plugged in on longer motorcycle trips ;) an extra battery would be helpful for long hikes, bike rides or ?
    I may just buy another for the "rear view" I just hope it comes sooner than 5 weeks. This camera has definitely exceeded my expectations. Worth the money for sure.
  • Nice but not much

    posted by akh78

    Cheap and quite configurable 8ch DVR. The only thing needed is the SATA hard drive - all other components are included.The DVR can be managed inline with RGB monitor and supplied USB mouse, online with special client software or via web browser.Nice packaging!
    Be carefull - there is only one channel in D1 quality. The others are CIF at max. So there is no need in good cameras with this DVR.Take note - the supplied client software asks for authentification at start. Default login/pass are admin/admin but manual have no any word about it.
    Nice package for home security. Just add SATA drive and replace one of supplied camera with better one - 600/700TVL to get nice D1 picture on channel 1.
  • Not bad...

    posted by denzelwalker

    I was a bit surprised at how it captures photos. makes it seem more professional without all the pricing of a $500 camera or camcorder.
    Works fine as soon as you set it in English. Lighting is totally key for keeping that HD flowing nice and easy; that way, it's not all lagged by low light.
    Keep in a room of high lighting, etc. It works twice as good, allowing some of the HD to go through. Anyway, it's good for movies and stuff!
  • Great Video Light

    posted by BjornSeigers

    This Video Light is a great help when you want to take videos in poor lighting conditions. Thanks to the 35 LEDS you will see everything clear again on your video. The buildquality is pretty neat for this price. With the stand you can connect your video light sideways to your DSLR which comes in handy sometimes.
    You can also use this for other purposes. I use this sometimes in combination with an umbrella to create a studio-like light. Perfect for darker areas.
    Every videographer should buy this video light, for this price it's a great backup, you'll instantly love it. I promise!
  • Cheap and Cool Photo Frame

    posted by hbtrocha

    - Neutral Collor
    - Discreet Design
    - SD/MS Card Reader and USB Port
    - TV Out
    - Good Build Quality
    - Remote Control
    - Plays video with great quality
    - It gets kind of hot after some time of use, but it has a timer on/off option that is very usefull, to swith off during the night, for example, and swithching on at the morning.
    - Besides the Cons, I am very satisfied with the product.
    - Great cost/benefit relation
    - I am planning to buy more of this item

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