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  • Sensitive receiver

    posted by qcyzews

    + very sensitive (receives even on included small antenna)easy instalation+ Works well in windows (with included SW), linux (with TvHeadend) and on raspberry pi (TvHeadend)+ standard antenna connector+ good general quality of product (case, etc)
    I bought it since I learned form different sources that IT9135 chip is the one with outstanding sensitivity. As it is a complete single-chip solution it is not dependant on "glue logic" of vendor as much as other devices on the market. I found this one as having reasonable price.When turned it under windows it quickly found MUXes and channels using included antenna (8km far from 100kW transmitter). For regular use on raspberry pi I prepared Bi-Quad antenna and it works through 30cm thick wall with 100% signal quality level.It works well with MPEG-4 standing as a dvb-t coding standard in my country. I'm able to record and see simultaneously channels from the same MUX, SD and HD.Teletext has languages as specified in description, so I see no my national characters unfortunatelly.This devce works continueously and do not heat too much (touch experience is between 30-40 Celsius) - that is nothing to worry about.
    Very sensitive receiver, working even using small antenna. Considering price there is no beter choice on the market probably.
  • Price/quality - just excellent!

    posted by exti888

    I bought this dongle only to use as cheap SDR receiver and it works brilliantly.In contrary to previous version (with E4000 tuner), the new one contains ESD protection diode, and also, the R820T chip provides better sensitivity.
    It has MCX antenna connector, but one can easily desolder it and put eg. SMA pigtail instead.
    I'm using SDR# (SDRSharp) as the receiving software and WinUSB driver installed with Zadig.Here's tutorial for installing and configuring all the stuff: http://rtlsdr.org/softwarewindows http://rtlsdr.org/softwarelinux
  • Great RTL SDR and ISDB dongle

    posted by Hgshgs

    Great ISDB-T and RTL SDR dongle. You can watch digital tv and capture lots of radio frequencies with this dongle and a computer. It comes with Blaze HD TV PVR. It is a one seg receiver and I can watch all major TV channels in Brazil.
    SDR is an interesting thing. I´m new to it, but just the fact that you can use it as a radio scanner and listen to VHF, aviation, police, amateur radio, etc. It´s just amazing. You can use it with any Android device and turn it into a complete radio scanner. I use it with SDR Touch from Play Store.
    It´s so cheap and useful that you can´t regret buying one of those. You can watch digital TV (ISDB-T) with your notebook or listen to FM, VHF and UHF radios. Amazing device.

    posted by doxpt

    This box is Original what means that you can upload your new firmware without problem.Is a real HD receiverI am so happy that maybe i will buy another one.
    The package arrive in very good conditions, and with all the items inside.To Mexico take all the times more or less 4 weeks.
    Buy it if you want a cheap and good satellite receiver this is the one
  • Nice TV Tuner SET

    posted by m80116

    Works as advertised. TV quality is very good. Software is also good. Praised as having a stand alone TV thanks to the antenna entry. Has a handy remote control.
    It is a really welcome addition to your laptop set, enables you to watch TV easily when you are camping with the included antenna, and use a stadard one when you have the jack at your disposal
    Buy with no reserve, it is a really good product.

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