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  • Good cable, exellent for it's price.

    posted by Fomin

    good quality
    bought 2pcs - very nice cables.
    nice item
    good quality
    may reccoment
  • Handy tool

    posted by antispam2468

    - Has a wide range of temperature measurements
    - Can easily switch between C and F
    - Simple to function
    - Works with a variety of things, including taking body temperature or testing water temps.
    - Temp is accurate and calculated quite quickly.
    - Updates on the fly so no waiting for a single measurement like the cheaper thermometers. You can watch changes in temperature which makes this really handy for a variety of tasls.
    I don't like it in yellow. I know it's practical but still
    Does the job. If you need to measure a wide range of temperatures in different places and be able to monitor temperature changes, this will do the job nicely.
  • Not Dual Link

    posted by charlestai2

    Works with regular DVI. And displays great with my old cheap monitor 1280x1024.
    Probably missing connections for the dual link part. Even though the connector is correct. If the next cable also does not work, then it will have to be my monitor that is not handling the DVI-D signal properly.
    I'm going to have to relegate this cable for my other monitor that only requires DVI.
  • Great way to transmit digital sound!

    posted by pcmihnea

    If you wish to transmit digital 7.1 audio over short to medium distances inside your house, but don't/can't use HDMI, this is the second-best way to accomplish that. Due to it's small diameter, it's relatively easy to use it, taking care as to not bend it (as is, almost 180 degrees). The price is great, considering that at $6 you can get a regular, 1~1.8 meters cable.
    None so far.
    If you have a device with a optic audio output, and another device with such an input, and wish to transmit in-between them a 7.1 audio signal, this is the highest-quality transmission medium available!
  • Useful, and gets the work done.

    posted by essme3

    Bright LCD voltimeter, easy to use and trim, the connectors are welcome as they don`t need soldering, stable output voltage and if you keep in normal imput values 15-18 volts ,1 ampere it won't overheat, I used it to power an EEE PC for hours converting 18v to 10v and worked OK.
    I removed the trimmer and put a 4 k potentiometer to easily change voltage without a screwdriver, works OK.the voltimeter works even if you enter power from the output connection so is ideal to attach it to a battery, you can see the charging input voltage and then monitor the battery voltage when discharging, sometimes I use it only to monitor voltages.
    Don't overheat it, stick to 1 amp, with 2 amp peaks and all will be ok.

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