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digital temperature Customers Reviews

  • Nice little tool

    posted by Archeryboy

    Small and lightweight allows for "take it with you even if you arent sure if you need it". The measurements are quite within the range of a calibrated Fluke.The batterys supplyed was OK and worked with no problems
    The LED on top whould make sense if it could be turned ON to form an emergency-Flashlight (Whould be handy if you serach the surge in the dark).
    Nice little tool. I whould buy another one if i needed to.
  • Reliable multimeter

    posted by nobutora

    Easy to use, reliable measurement. Ergonomic. Termocouple works very well.Fácil de usar, medida fiable. Ergonómico. El termopar funciona muy bien,
    Reliable multimeter and good enough to use at home, car, etc.Polímetro fiable y suficientemente bueno para usar en casa, en el coche, etc.
  • Cheap digital temprature controller

    posted by mr22turbo

    Cheap and works as aspected. Has a nice digital display to read of the temprature. Comes with a working thermocouple. Can be conected to a 220v or 110v power source. Case looks durable. Comes with English manual!
    Perhaps DX could offer more thermocouple cables in different lenghts, for products like this!
    A nice controller with a handy digital display
  • Looks good

    posted by ioquir

    Small and well builtDisplay shows actual temperature measured by the sensor, with decimals.Very sensitive.Easy to set: push 'set' button and use 'up' and 'down' to set temperature.Relay turns on when measured temperature is higher than set one.
    Cheap, well built, works fine. Perfect for most applications.But limited by fixed hysteresis and using only integer numbers in selection of trigger temperature.It could have display and buttons on the back of the board, making it easier to install.Russian (?) manual included.
    Good, but not suitable for all uses.
  • Fancy shower head, easy to install

    posted by themedonja

    The shower head is easy to install, a child could do it. It fits your hand very well. The water flow has an interesting rectangular shape, as opposed to the more usual radial shower flows. And the water pressure is really good, even better than with my old conventional shower! The whole shower head lights up when water flows, and creates a really cool and smooth zen feeling when you use it.
    Thinking of how awesome it would be to use it as my gardening shower to irrigate plants!
    Solid and fancy product with a fair price.


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