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digital temperature Customers Reviews

  • A good temperatur humidy device

    posted by blasepi62

    Size is perfect, and the color is also good for my room. You are able to check the max and min temperature, it's good to check how much cold it's at night
    I would like to have more precision in mesure but it's ok for the price you pay for it.
    A good cheap device to control temperature and humidity in a room. Good decision to buy it
  • Bargain, but...

    posted by BenNZ

    Cheap, looks good, good functionality, autotune
    The dynamic range of the PID is poor, there seems to be large granularity from one compensation duty cycle to the next letting temperatures cycle a bit. FOr the price tho - cant beat it.
    Great unit if temperature accuracy is not critical, it does hold temperature well. While the temperature display was accurate when comparing with a calibrated temp gauge, when the controller gets to its setpoint it will alter readings. This can also be seen by having it set at one temperature and then changing temp by 100 degrees or so, as soon as you press set, the temperature reading can immediately alter by a couple of degrees (if you've caught it at the right time). Great for pretty good temp control, want to actually know what your temp is doing, or critical applications then look elsewhere
  • Cute iron

    posted by StacieR

    It is very cute, everybody fusses over it. It will iron if you follow the directions. Plug it in for 20 minutes and then iron something small. I iron doilies and little cleaning cloths with it. Also, doll clothes.
    If you don't have an iron, or are thinking to buy this as a replacement, get a full-sized iron.
    I'd buy this for the cuteness factor. I don't know why, but old ladies love this little thing. Maybe because it's miniature. But as for an actual appliance, I would not buy it. It simply doesn't iron very well.
  • Very nice, easy to use gadget

    posted by Caudu

    -good temperature measurement accuracy.-bright large display with additional LED marking the relay contact closed position.-3 easy to use programing buttons-low energy consumption (it can be used with battery if portability its an issue)-can be used both for heating and for cooling.
    -if electrical consumer is not exceeding 10A it can be used for 220V as well (I did that without any problem)-1st push of the set button sets targeted temperature-long push of the set button get you in the menu: P0 refrigeration/heating mode (C/H); P1 hysteresis setting (2' default); P2 min temp; P3 max temp; P4 temperature correction; P5 delay start time: minutes; P6 alarm on/off also temp.
    -recommended for small scale home applications, its a good buy, best price here also.
  • price go hand in hand and in turn joins style and warmth, very good merchan

    posted by MostroCesar

    price go hand in hand and in turn joins style and warmth, very good merchandise.I have nothing against it, for the moment i busy little time, but based on other product that I have the same brand i would say that its durability and confidence for the work is very good
    This very pleased with the product, satisfied with the price and shipping time
    A product of interesting utility

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