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  • Sensor de temperatura muy preciso

    posted by pyro329

    Este sensor de temperatura es por mucho mas preciso que el DTH11, se instala en segundos solo basta con conectar a la protoboard y de ahi al arduino alimentarlo con 5 voltios y es todo, ya esta listo para usar y mandar informacion a nuestro arduino
    Buena relacion costo/calidad
    Gran sensor de temperatura, debes de contemplar su compra si vas a comprar sensores para tu arduino.
  • Good sensor, very accurate

    posted by ErKabi

    More accurate than the little brother DHT11. If you are interested in 0.5 degrees, this is your sensor. Works well with the arduino's DHT library (there is a library for the DHT11, another for the DHT22 and a library for both --> saves bytes in your sketchs). Works with 3.3Volts and 5V. The sensor works well. Only 3 wires: GND, GCC and the signal.
    You can meter the temperature in 0.5 steps.
  • So far so good!

    posted by usamashah

    well built over all, solders are solid, pcb is good strong material, sensitive to 0-50 degrees and 0-90%HR are stated in the description.
    As a some what of a beginner when it comes to temperature sensors, the senstivity isn't the best but is enough for getting to learn about how it functions and maybe later on get a more accurate sensor
    Can't beat the overall quality for the price you're paying. Highly recommend!
  • easy and fast to setup and use

    posted by andrjoha

    The biggest "pro" for this product that it has a onboard pul-up resistor. If you connect it to a Arduino or a Raspberry Pi there is no nead to use a seperate resistor between Vcc and signal. You can directly plug it to the board. There are alot of exampel codes writen on how to use this produkt and finnished programs you can call from your script/program.
    It would be even a better produkt if it hade some kinde of back cower for the circuiteboard. I will solder a cable direktly to the circuitboard and fasten it to a wall.
    Great product, a bit pricey. I needed a censor that could mesure bout negative and positive temperature. If you whant to log room temperature the DHT11 is cheaper.
  • Good weathr sensor

    posted by kirovclass

    Nice environmental sensor, it uses 1-wire protocol so simple to use, and also if powered at 5V the cable can be long up to 20m (according to datasheet).Good to have it also terminated with wires rather than headers/pins.
    Maybe if the protecting 'grid' could be thinner, that would help to keep the sensor clean from pollution, dust, etc.
    Cheap sensor to use in any 'weather station' project. The possibility to have a long sensor wire is quite useful in order to keep only the sensor exposed (e.g. outdoor)


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