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digital slr Customers Reviews

  • Great Video Light

    posted by BjornSeigers

    This Video Light is a great help when you want to take videos in poor lighting conditions. Thanks to the 35 LEDS you will see everything clear again on your video. The buildquality is pretty neat for this price. With the stand you can connect your video light sideways to your DSLR which comes in handy sometimes.
    You can also use this for other purposes. I use this sometimes in combination with an umbrella to create a studio-like light. Perfect for darker areas.
    Every videographer should buy this video light, for this price it's a great backup, you'll instantly love it. I promise!
  • cheap as chips...but it works for me!

    posted by herovd

    Very good price! one of this in a hardware store in my country cost $40 at leasteasy to use, I figured out how it works...no much science on itvery lightweight, you can carry on easilyNice looking Aluminium made...oh and comes with a bag
    Mine comes with the box smashed, but the tripod itself it was intact.as I said it feels very light, I am always afraid my Fujifilm S1500 goping to crash against the floor! You should hand this very nice and carefully.
    I dont expect great things about this product but even with this little bugs I´m pretty pleased with it.If you are not a pro photograph and just want to take some panoramics or make little videos, this is for you...it worths the price? yes, definitely. Thanks DX!(Little advice: get this tripod and not the version without the spirit level, this is really useful)
  • Simple but working great!

    posted by Fr3nZ

    Tested on a Canon 7D, it's working as expected. Holding option, half-pressed option (for focus etc) Remote control
    Don't forget to switch the auto-holding button of. Or it looks as though your camera doesn't react to anything you do! :)I had one for an older camera 350D from Canon but that one does not fit a Canon 7D
    If you are not using these devices much then you are making a good choise using this one for a very affordable price.
  • Keep your camera lens clean

    posted by ncarellan

    As a camera owner you shold have one of this to keep your camera in good conditions. It let you clean the small dirt in your lens, camera, etc
    I bought this item and sku-07190 at the same time, and even when this one is cheaper than the other, I prefer the last for the fine work at lens and this for the camera´s body to remove dust and small dirty.
    If you don´t want spend much money this is your item, but probably you prefer spend a couple of dollars more and get a better one
  • Cheap and useful!

    posted by djhar

    A cheap and useful control! Don't need to pay for the original remote.I use the Canon 600D and the "S" button takes and instant photo from distance, and there is a very cool function that I use very often,the "2s" button where you can press it from distance and can take a photo after 2seconds! Very useful because you have time to put the hand with the remote down and take a nice self-shot pic! :P
    A must buy if you want to take pics including you and your friends!

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