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digital scale 500g Customers Reviews

  • Great option for accurate scale

    posted by nrh2005

    It works with only two AAA batteries, it's very portable, it's light, it's discreet, it has an cover to protect the plate of the scale, it has an good capacity and a very good accuracy, the digits are easy to read and it's easy to use.
    If you need to measure the weight of something with accuracy, this is an excellent option.
    It's worth for the price, for the accuracy of the scale, for your portability and for the features in it.
  • Great little set of scales

    posted by thanme

    These are great. Small, compact and work well. Come with a nice little case. Looks impressive and seems to work
    I haven't really tested it for accuracy, but I can put a bowl on it and Tare it to 0, which is a good start. Next week I plan on using it properly, so I'll report back if it's wrong for any reason.
    Great little set of scales and they should be perfect for what I need them for :) Sure beats dial scales any day :)
  • Very recommended

    posted by acruser

    Very easy to use, with a good overall look. One aspect to consider is that it includes the batteries, and that you can use it from the first moment you receive it.It is well calibrated, and you can check with some coins.It auto calibrates itself, not have to do anything. Simply turn on the scale, wait a second that autocalibre (almost imperceptible), and you can use it.The management obviously is very easy, just have to put up objects.
    Being very small, you can carry in your pocket perfectly smoothly. You can carry it anywhere.
    From my experience I recommend the purchase of this calculator. It's great.Of course, I'm pleasantly surprised, I really like, is very easy to use and come with it, so I recommend it.
  • good scale

    posted by F1veCharacters

    -Over all good build quality.-Easy to use interface with well lit display.-Manageable size, approximately size of palm. very portable.-Very good looking scale with the ability to hide the screen and buttons makes the scale look very clean.
    This is a good scale at a good price with the only drawback being that the flip out display is vulnerable to being snapped off if careless.
  • Perfect portable Scale

    posted by malveira

    Awesome portable scale, does what is supposed to do.Price - other scales of this accuracy cost even 10-50x more (well, often certified, but there often aren't any other).Batteries are included and works for a long time. In terms of value for the money, it is excellent. The plastic cover is hinged and therefore cannot be lost.
    I got this for use in weighing various items for model helicopters. Blade balancing is a breeze and I can check the weights before placing on the point balance. Makes the job much quicker.
    If you need a Pocket Precision Digital Scale, this is the one.

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