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digital scale 0.1g Customers Reviews

  • Backlit LCD High Load Digital Scale

    posted by RufusFalling

    I've only had this for a couple of days, but I'm quite impressed with it. It's small and compact, very simple to operate, looks good, and seems to be well built. It operates on 4×AAA batteries which were included in the box, and it can also run from a DC input. A DC adapter is NOT included, but who hasn't already got a hundred of those anyway?It operates just the way I would expect. You switch it on, it automatically sets its current weight to zero, and it's ready to go within a couple of seconds. And it also warns you if the device is unstable or not level. Accuracy seems to be good so far.I'm very happy with the price too - the cheapest equivalent scale I could find locally was at least three times the price of this one.
    The box says "Pocket Balance" but it's actually a bit too big to fit in your pocket - unless you've got really large pockets I suppose.
    A great little scale that will be very useful for a wide variety of uses.
  • Does not measure Grains

    posted by qooasian

    This scale does what its supposed to do. It measures in grams, ounces, ozt, and dwt.
    I load ammo and everything is measured in grains. I wish this had matched its description.The manual it comes with describes this as being model 500, when the description matches model 100 (the one I needed.)Does not come with a calibration weight, so you might have to buy one seperately.
    It's a good scale for other more common measurements.
  • Good Scale

    posted by Felep

    Very good scale, very precise. Is working perfectly for about 6 months. I just changed the batteries once, very economic scale. You can take it anywhere, easy to take away. It has the size a little bigger than a CD. Good product everything was pleasant to me.
    Very good, very durable, battery economic. Good choice.
    Good Product, i would buy again ! Good price considering the other options.
  • Great deal of Deal Extreme !

    posted by acidmind

    Very good product, very good scale, good precision and good build quality, I recomend. Good precision and have no delay when you are weighting something .
    This is a great scale, very small and simple, and you can put it in any small place to hide, this is very very small, you will like it .
    I recommend you this scale, because I had tryed a lot of scales, and this one is one of the best .
  • Excellent scale

    posted by Fedrik

    It is a great scale for small purposes. I am a coin collector and it´s very useful to weight coins. I am from Argentina and a similar scale here would cost twice this price.
    The precision is very accurate; the built in materials seem of good quality.
    Even the offer says batteries are included they were not. I guess they forgot to include them; who knows. Nothing to worry about.
    Whoever is looking for a scale with these characteristics I recommend to buy it.

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