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digital scale 0.1g Customers Reviews

  • The best kitchen scale I've found

    posted by Tronic2

    Excellent usability thanks to smart display backlight and auto power-off functions. The display is lit whenever the weight changes. Readings seem most precise and there isn't much if any cheating involved, so even small or incremental changes in weight can be measured reliably (unlike with many other digital scales). Functions for counting, tare etc.
    Screen stays on for a rather long period of no activity but without backlight it is often difficult to read.
    This is already an old model but there doesn't appear to be much development on this sector and frankly I haven't found anything better.
  • Model SF-820 very good scale

    posted by daemon2007

    Good price all though who takes the time, there are comparable scales on the internet with a lower price but who cares. Mine still works after more than year ownership which can not be said about most other scales for this price. Most of all this one can handle a small shock (I dropped it ones from ± 1 meter, no problem).The scale is well packed and looks good. AAA battery - no hard to find small button cells.
    Maybe a model that offers a larger number of battery. Absolutely needs lower calibration weight.
    Price and quality are in balance. After more than a year of using the scale very much, I start thinking about a replacement so the money invested is worth it...never thought it would last that long.
  • Great buy

    posted by magixx

    AccurateHas ButtonsBacklightCover
    This scale is great for getting a more precise measurement on smaller thing. I found it pretty accurate with it measuring a loonie a 7/7.1 grams and Google saying its 7.0 grams.
  • Excellent scale

    posted by Fedrik

    It is a great scale for small purposes. I am a coin collector and it´s very useful to weight coins. I am from Argentina and a similar scale here would cost twice this price.
    The precision is very accurate; the built in materials seem of good quality.
    Even the offer says batteries are included they were not. I guess they forgot to include them; who knows. Nothing to worry about.
    Whoever is looking for a scale with these characteristics I recommend to buy it.
  • Say hello to a great scale

    posted by erdabyz

    -It is VERY small, much more than expected
    -Very accurate, tested with coins (which have fixed weghts and act like precission weights) and the scale wasn't wrong in any measure. Also compared with sku.10005 and sku.3390 and gave same measures (+-0.1g)
    -Has a blue retroiluminated screen, and you can turn off light to save battery
    -Doesn't matter if you don't put the things in the center of the weighting area, it gaves the same measure
    -Uses two CR2032 lithium batteries, very cheap.
    -Includes intructions in the cap.
    -Mine came with green LED instead of blue.
    -Says hello when you turn it on
    Well, worked as expected so there's nothing mroe to say.


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