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digital recorder Customers Reviews

  • Nice!

    posted by oscarfsx

    The recorder came in a nice box, and everything was packed well. The lavelier mic wich came with it works fine, and all the others parts also works fine. I think that it looks professional and the buttons are layed out in a good way.
    The onboard mic recordes sound not long from your subject, so it will be nice for interviews. There is also much static background noise on the recordings, so i had to remove it in audacity. But after that it works fine.
    Its almoast worth the price, but it have some flaws!
  • Funnu little voice recorder

    posted by Ilenat

    + Cheap+ Funny+- Lo-fi voicequality
    I just love it's lo-fi sound. You can recognize what is saind in recording if you speak clearly. "Voice changing"-button changes speed of playback which just really boost the truly fine lo-fi soundquality of this thing.

    Modern digital lo-fi at it's best. I am sure that I will use this in mu music projects.
    Great toy and cool for lo-fi music if you are in to "digital toy lo-fi".
  • Excellent Camera for RC Heli/Cars

    posted by DragonPhyre

    + The camera is a little bigger than a tube of chapstick. A little longer too.
    ++ METAL casing! no plastic to get brittle and break in the cold air!
    ++ Internal Battery! No more battery hanging off of the camera to disconnect during flight.
    + Comes with free mounting hardware!
    + Screen is very bright and easy to read even in sunlight.
    + Accepts 4GB SD Cards easily.
    + Battery last quite a long time, and it can be recharged easily and quickly.
    I think that this device will work a lot better with an external antenna--which I am going to try and solder in. The camera says 100Meters which is 300' and mine would start to act weird after 50' with anything in the way. Flat ground with no obstructions and it would stop working after 100' but only if we positioned the camera in the proper way. I think a proper antenna on both camera and receiver and you could easily get out past the 100' mark.
    This camera is GREAT to get started with. Small, compact, and cheap! I am planning on putting an external WiFi antenna on the receiver to see if that helps with the range/signal. Get this if you are thinking about getting a wireless camera. If anything, it works good to keep an eye on the kids.
  • Rather good little recorder for the price

    posted by adamoell

    Records WAV files which are easily accessible via USB. Recording from built-in mic is pleasantly clear, and via lapel mic (included - what a bargain!) is not bad at all - clear, with good tone and fidelity. User interface is easy to work with, and the built-in music player function works well - and sounds very good with a decent set of headphones. The tiny built-in speaker is surprisingly good for replaying voice recordings and music - decent volume and clarity for its size.
    The device is extremely light and compact, would fit happily into a shirt pocket. Size is 82mm by 36mm by 13mm, weight is just 33g on my kitchen scale.Because the device is intended for recording from microphones, it isn't good for recording from line-level outputs (ie mixing desks, stereo systems or ipods). This isn't really what the device is for, but it will work if you turn the volume of the source down to the minimum - I got good, clear recordings at the minimum output volume, but anything more than that produces horrible distortion/clipping as there is no option to bypass the built-in mic preamp.
    I am very pleased with my purchase so far - it's easier to use and better for voice recordings of public speaking than my old Zoom Micro BR. It's a shame about the little hum, but I still feel that this gadget is a very good bargain!
  • excellent product

    posted by [email protected]

    Sleek, lightweight and elegant, indispensable product in your security system. Works 100%, writes, makes copies of the recording, has many functions, supports 2 hds, writes copies directly on the flash drive, supports PAL or NTSC color.
    I installed security cameras on my DVR, I can now rest assured that I can see everything that happens later, this very useful equipment, indispensable to companies, businesses or even residences.
    Want an excellent safety equipment in their equity? Buy this product.

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