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  • Works great. Very helpful.

    posted by Sechs81

    Cheap, useful, works great, lot of units, built in red light to help in... Perfect. Might not have other capabilities, but it's perfect for amateur use.
    Color it's to cheessy, but I'm sure, I will never lose it in my car xD
    There are better, there are more useful, but It's worth the price .It will make you're life easier. You won't be using gas station air measure never more. Buy it right now!
  • Great stuff

    posted by koeja

    Handy design really shown for this itemIt can be used with my air compressor while checking the tyre pressure before use the carIt can be kept in the pouch with stationaryit has flashlight
    You must bring this gadget in your pocket in case you need to check your tyre pressure in emergency situationHandy and high built quality
    Definitely you must have this item in your pocket.in some situation, you can easily frustrated to have your tyre flat You can use the flashlight for emergency
  • It works well

    posted by garfpt

    It has a light that helps you locate the pin on the tyre, because you do have to be in a position uncomfortable to locate it.It is easy to read the display.Worked every time.Accurate (I checked against gas station pressure readers and the readings are the same).
    It's Well worth the money, because you can read the pressure of your tyres in the comfort of your garage.
    I tough it would break soon as I'm not very carefull with thins, but it is still working.Recommended.
  • Excellent tire pressure gauge

    posted by riky48

    Tire Pressure Gauge. Robust, is very easy to use, not complicated check the tire pressure with the appliance. He only has to turn on and press the nozzle against the tire valve a couple of seconds. It has several scales for each country making it universal. It also has blue lighting on your screen and in your mouthpiece for easy verification even at night without light. It looks perfect!
    the body of the device is bright yellow allowing it look easy!. It has auto-off to save battery. off manually if you want to press the switch a few seconds off easily.
    It's small, does not occupy much space, easy to use and inexpensive, are only advantages!.
  • Great product for anyone

    posted by vieras

    Really easy to use and carry about. The digits are clear to read. Even middle aged ladies like me can use it without any problem. Someone might think that the material used for the case is fragile and easy to destroy, but it is not.
    It could be in a different colour. The black one is not very practical for being stored in another black bag. But this is just an insignificant note.
    I strongly recommend it! Also because it is far cheaper than a similar product in my country in central Europe.


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