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digital power amplifier Customers Reviews

  • OMG It so small

    posted by RecyclerMan

    Well packed when arrived and that was the original box. and then in a bubble bag.
    When opened everything but the power supply felt substantial.
    Mine was Gold coloured way cool....
    After a quick set-up and checking of connectors the first sound I heard was so amazing... Loud or soft it seemed to handle it all. Big Bonus No Blue lights (LED's) but a nice red glow from the volume nob when powered up.
    It sounds BIG but its so tinny tiny...
    Ok the sound is well very nice not 10000's of Wats for a stage production. It powers a set of speakers a traditional 20W A/B class amp struggled to power cleanly, It just worked and provided some real kick and good clean treble.
    Put a nasty distorted signal and forget it... I wanted to review after a month of playing around with it but it really sounds too good. I have put a range of music from old 50's stuff to new stuff form 2011's and if it was a good recording it just rocked even the classical stuff I like a lot.
    Is it in the same league as my class A preamp and 200W class A/B power combo made by the legendary Perreeaux company of 20 years ago time will tell. It did the job I bought it for so well I'm gonna buy some more of them for other little projects.
    The power-supply can only supply 45W how much power gets to my speakers with out distortion or clipping I DON'T CARE so long as it sounds good.
  • Max

    posted by djkosmos1998

    This is the most aamassing amplifier i have purchased so far from DX ! Its not the most powerful, but its so Tiny ! The output you can achive from this far exceeds expectation ! The sound quality is fantastic, low and high level, and a very low noise floor for a digital amp that has no output filter, i will be purchasing more !
    If you need a tiny high performance amp with mini subwoofer, look no further .
    Great product, very pleased to acquire.
  • Coooolllllll

    posted by Alen1988

    very good product. very loud and clear voice. I advise you to buy.It is a really good , it fits my needs.Just what I needed! it works perfectly audio amplifier board.This is an excellent amplifier. If you need to drive some speakers and don't want to spend a lot of money, this amp will do wonders.
    I installed it and I am very grateful.Great product. Small size. Not hot. Qualitatively executed.
    Amplifier works very well and not hot. Qualitatively executed. thanks DX for good product.
  • Basically good amp.

    posted by jjussi

    - Small size- Good looking- Simple design- Easy to connect
    Without input cable connected, AMP is silent so that's good start.
    Basically good AMP, but you must tweak/change some parts if you want good result.
  • High quality feel

    posted by Fixus123

    Using it together with SKU: 170667. This makes a good combo. The power supply feels like a high quality part. Housing is finished very well, no cracking, both the input and output cable are of a good quality, as is the output connector.Apparently high efficiency: does not get warm.
    I cannot judge the quality of the power supply internals as the thing is glued together. It is quite light, but if the inside is as good as the outside, there should be no problem.
    price is a bit steep, but quality is OK

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