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  • Digital scale

    posted by LiMeiMei

    It's cheap and useful if you don't need to be extremely precise. The screen is big and the numbers can be easily read.
    Once you get used to it, you find your way to work the problems through. For example, it's useful if you refresh the screen light every now and then if you are measuring something it will take some time to prepare.
    Since I'm not using it for work but just for fun, I'm quite satisfied.
  • Excellet product

    posted by Andersonbh

    Good accuracy even on the limits of the scale. Come with a back light (blue) for a good reading. Incredible price for a usefull apparatus. Very easy to use and with a lot of units for different countries. Come with batteries and auto shut off to save energy. Have a protection cover to protect the scale.
    Very good price for a precision instrument. Could be used for a large variety of application.
    A very good scale for a very good price. Everyone who works with precision scale must buy this one.
  • Great pocket scale

    posted by bsmisl

    The build quality is good.The buttons are easy to operate.Great scale with a bright backlight and AAA batteries, that are included and will last.
    When the batteries run out, replace them with some used batteries, because the newer batteries have to much Voltage and the scale won't turn on.
    A great scale that does the job as it should.
  • Works well

    posted by ristllin

    - plastic is quite good..
    - works pretty fast..
    - light works well..
    - light weight..
    - Compact..
    - very easy to work with..
    Does it's job perfectly
    If you need to weigh the interior of a box or something you have a crop option that allows you to re calibrate the device after you put something on it.
    Of course your overall weight is still 100 gram sworn the package/box...
    Make sure you need it that accurate otherwise take the 500 gram scale...
  • Quite precise, though a bin clumsy

    posted by catarrh

    Precision is good, maybe not 0.001, but you can really trust it p to 0.01Controls are good, quite intuitiveTurns on after holding "ON" for 2 sec, nice feature
    Scales pad is too small to use without a pan, and pan could be better quality.Would be good to supply it with useful case, as pouch is too small and original box is not very convenient for everyday use.
    Let alone the quality issues, scales are quite precise and practically useful

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