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  • Don't hesitate - Buy one now

    posted by Engineer1

    This 'scope has blown me away. It is spectacularly powerful, and the price is incredible. I wasn't expecting much, and have now bored everybody I meet with my enthusiasm! I don't know what one guy is talking about when he says the display is poor quality. It's as good as any other I've seen. I suspect that either his unit is faulty, or he works for Tektronix or Agilent ;o) My display is bright, fast, crystal clear, stable, and has a good viewing angle. His comments worried me before I saw it for real, so don't be put off by them. I've connected it in parallel with a Tektronix MSO4034 (Which cost just under 8000.00 GBP not very long ago!) and the measurements all agree closely. Clearly the Tek 'scope is better, but not 35 times better! And the Tek scope doesn't have the pass/fail feature. I can definitely recommend the Rigol 'scope. I had 02.05 firmware and hardware version 58. The EEVBlog review and info on this 'scope remains accurate.
    I'm going to kit out the lab at work with another five of these. They are superb. We have the Tek MSO4034 for 'high end' stuff - the Rigol will do everything else...
    If you don't have thousands to spend on a Tek or Agilent 'scope, and can wait a couple of weeks, then don't even think about the decision - Just buy it. It's one of the best test gear purchases you will make. In fact. (Of course, if you can, also make sure you have an 'old skool' analogue CRT 'scope - they're on eBay all the time, for not much money at all. In fact, it's more important to have an analogue 'scope than a digital one, so buy one of those first ;o)
  • Great oscilloscope for hobby/study

    posted by Jdanielse

    great price performancesimple and complex interface versionseasy to usecomplete package - probes and usb includedA lot of views and measurements available
    Compaired to a $1000.- 100 mHz scope with 10 bit resulotion of course you see the difference. But for my type of use this is great.
    A lot of instrument for a very small price.Works fine for (arduino) hobby projects.
  • shows OK digital signals up to 100 Mhz, menu quite intuitive

    posted by 2yseee

    shows OK up to 100 Mhz digital signals, menu is quite intuitive (though reading the booklet is a must for some functions). The PrtScr button is a very quick way to get screen snapshot (settings values are shown nicely in same snapshot).
    [ FYI The Model and version I checked is UTD2052CL, HW ver 2.00 , SW ver 1.09 ]4. For a person used to work with top of line D.S.O's, main feature I miss here is smarter trigger (especially smart pre-trigger chain, e.g. rise at channel 1, delay or events of of at least ... , and another rise on same channel) note that real power is achieved with 2nd channel and 2nd trigger level - requires more HW, maybe some improvements could be added just in SW) 5. BTW I want to believe PC SW issue will be resolved. But if one builds expectations, then note that the SW offers only manual operation via GUI (mouse +KBD), while the "ultimate" testing needs the ability to access the PC SW from your own tester program (through FTP / ActiveX / ect...)
    At the time being, I believe it is the best standalone scope for its price, especially if you just want to see signals up to ~100Mhz and do not really need more than keeping snapshots of the screen.
  • Great

    posted by eagle00789

    I am still new into the world of electronics and this scope is pretty straightforward to use.I would defenitly recommend this scope to anybody asking me for advice.
    It would be nice if it would be delivered inside a case (think military strength as i currently have on my scope, because of frequent transports to and from my local hackerspace) to have it protected during transport other then it's own box (which is thourogly packed by the way, so the scope will not damage during transport.
    Just buy it and you will have a scope that works like a charm.
  • Good quality usb oscillograph

    posted by 4ltrv1sm0

    - Well made electronics- Enough precise (for almost everything except for calibration tasks ... obviously)- "Cheap" compared to desktop units.- Offers most functions you will need in a small electronic lab.- Light and portably, you can take it everywhere (but you will need a computer still).- Probes included are good quality and easy to calibrate.- It runs also in MAC (trough a virtual machine).- You get software and source code, so if you want you can improve it or make your own version.
    Useful USB oscillograph, a good choice if you don't want to spend $300 (at least) in a desktop model. Software is easy to use so it's almost plug and "play". I recived it very soon and well packaged. In my case it was

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