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  • My best purchase on DX

    posted by Tommytheboy

    - Very cheap!- Accurate! Tested it with my fathers industrial-grade multimeter and it got the same readings on most things down to the last digit- The stock battery that came with it still works after 2 years of light use- Easy to use- Easy to open/fix- Works beyond design parameters (already had 16 amps through the unfused line several times for several seconds even though it is rated for 10 amps)- Sturdy (I dropped it several times already and it still works)
    I have been regularly buying from DX for at least 4 years and I can safely say this is one of the best purchases I have made when comparing the price to quality and usefulness. I actually bought the product 2 years ago but since I am so pleased with it, I wanted to suggest it to other people. I have never had any problems with it, except on one occasion, when I forgot to switch the leads from mAmps to voltage before measuring a laptop charger, which resulted in a blown fuse. As stated in the pros, it is easy to fix so I just changed the fuse and the current measurement works again :)
    If you work with electronics of any sort and need a cheap but reliable multimeter, I would strongly suggest this one.
  • Great price and quality

    posted by sassor

    Good meter that has most of the functions I want as a hobbyst, and simple to use with its autorange.Shows the same measurements as my 10 years old DVM92 : I hope it means that my other meter is still good, and not the other way.
    When I bought it, I thought I'd be able to identify bad caps with its capacity measurement . I was a bit disappointed since most bad caps still show the right capacity with the meter. Anyway, it's not a con of that VC99.I also often use the Temperature measurement to better monitor BGA resoldering with the heat gun.For all the other functions, it does the job right as a second multimeter (I still like to use my old one for this).
    It has done the job so far.
  • Very good Multimeter, accurate and great value

    posted by steel47

    The Et-997 is outstanding multimeter where you can use very easylly. Very good value.I made tests on Voltage DC and AC. Resistance, Capacitancy, Frequency, temperature and diode measurements.Easy to read the measurements and the backlight improves the measurement view when the light is poor.The test leads are good quality.
    It would be nice if the meter can measure inductivity but you cant have everything for this low price.Manual is poor translated. But i know how to use this things so it isnt importatnt.
    Very good quality in general.It's a original Minipa product.You will get a carying case which is very nice.Temeprature sensor and a test leads.And a 9 Volt battery.
  • High quality product!

    posted by ACGhirelli

    This device has been manufactured using cutting edge products. The finish is perfect. Though not very cheap, I can say with certainty that this was one of the best products I bought at DX.
    To install the batteries (included with the product) just release the two screws on the rear of the unit, underneath the stand. Depending on the selected function, the equipment warning lights flashing through which place the probes must be connected. This is something I had never seen in any equipment.
    recommended product. Speak very worth buying.


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