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digital multimeter temperature

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digital multimeter temperature Customers Reviews

  • Nice Multimeter

    posted by wgriffa

    Nicely designed. When you select for example voltage the correct sockets for where you should plug in the leads lights up in red. Relative humidity and temperature are always displayed no matter what mode you are in. The back light it not simply and led or bulb shining on the display. The display has a beautiful even light blue back light. It is easily visible. It also responds quickly with a fast settling time. It offers dual temperature reading.
    I found an English manual at http://www.elektronika.rs.ba/data/prodaja/Minstrumenti/MapsourceManual.pdfThe build quality is near perfect I would rate it at 99 out of 100.
    If you want all the functions that this meter offers buy it. It is a meter worth having.
  • My favourite multimeter

    posted by achopen

    Really OK build for the price
    Huge screen and backlight
    Auto range and manual mode
    It can measure capacitance and temperature
    Comes with english and chinese manual
    It has an auto power-off in order to save battery
    The test leads look and feel nice and strong
    I really like it. It is a solid, professional looking multimeter. Very good purchase.
    If you need a good and durable multimeter in a reasonable price, you should buy this!
  • Most comprehensive meter I have owned

    posted by Simonski

    This is a ruggedized meter. The yellow you see around it is a seperate soft plastic removeable cover.I bought it for the temperature probe, which I intend to use to see if my oven temperatures are off. It might save me from buying a new stoveThe capacitance, frequency, and transistor tester were a bonus for me.The probes and wires are substantial and make my old meter look like a toy.
    I decided to check tha accuracy of the thermometer by putting it in a pot of boiling water. It only read 89 Degrees C and I was disappointed, till I checked and that is exactly the temp water boils at at my altitude (4,000 feet). Er.. OK
    Best meter I own. You should buy one.
  • Pays for itself.

    posted by danielpublic

    · Way cheaper then what I can get ahold of around these parts. · Got a big display! I can actually use it without my glasses!· Something to grow in. Its beyond my league atm, but I'll learn. If you look at it, you want to learn how to use it!· Solid rubber protective case.· Temperature.
    Gave it a 4/5 star on the build quality, but that since I like overengineered-goes-through-WW3-stuff.Actually a english manual!
    == Need one of these or giving it as a present to someone? Buy it!

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