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  • Good for the price

    posted by andremetal

    *Very good lenses for the price, about 1/4 of the price from great brands
    *Multicoated, let the light pass without problem, in AV mode (aperture priority) with the aperture fixed in F 2.6, without the lenses i get about 1/160s, in the same scene with the lenses it incresed to 1/120s
    * macro + wide angle in one product
    * the macro attachment MUST be attached with the wide angle to get focus, i tried without it and the thread don´t fit in the adapter
    *Very good lenses for the money, buy it if you need it, you dont regret it
  • Cleans lenses very easily

    posted by gelman

    Brush seems to be well made; it retracts and extend smoothly. The brush locks when fully extended.
    Cleaning pad seems to be good quality material. I tried to clean a very dirty lens filter and it cleans effortlessly. Stubborn marks can also be gently removed by breathing onto the glass.
    When I blow on the leather cleaning pad, some particles disengages. Seems to be the "carbon particles" that cleans the lens.
    The pen is about the size of a sharpie marker. It's marked LensPen on the clip and www.schmidtmarketing.com on the other side.
    While there are other cheaper lens pen on DX, I would spend a couple more dollars to get this one. The packaging seems more professional than the others.
    At local store this thing sells for over $15.
  • great add-on for your cell-phone or camera

    posted by rodrigoafp

    -cheap -easy to use -crystal clear images with good light
    its a great add-on for your cell-phone camera or other camera as for example the kodak pocket camcorder zx3 , you get very good results, the only problem i can think of it could be in the future if the adapter ring sticks out of the camera, but its great! in good light the images u can get are very clear and it really does what its promised to do, super wide fish eye, looks really good
    for that price definitely worth it
  • nice gadget

    posted by fichino

    It's a nice gadget for taking different pictures, if you want to escape from the ordinary.
    This might be a pro or a con, depending on your ponit of view: It does vignette the picture, leaving round edges to it. In my opinion, this is not a con, because it adds to the fisheeye effect. Some people find it anoying, though.
    Make sure that's what you want and if it is, go for it.
  • Works Great but Take Your Time

    posted by TalkJava

    Has everything you need to attach to any phone. The 3M tape on metal rings works great even on gorilla glass (Nexus 4 has gorilla glass on both front and back), just had to clean it thoroughly. Due to the nature of fisheye lenses, you trade off clarity the wider the view. Unless you have a bigger lens, hence defeats the purpose of using a phone camera.
    Don't expect your photos to be the same quality without the lens. The auto-focus does get confused with the lens attached.
    For the price and fun you can have with goofy photos, it's worth getting.


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