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digital infrared thermometer

You will be surprised our best digital infrared thermometer with an artful design and an amazing price. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Customers can also browse digital thermometer ear or digital thermometer alarm to find their desired products. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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digital infrared thermometer Customers Reviews

  • Amazingly helpful

    posted by koukoulis1

    -Just point and shoot. - Instant read out with save so you dont have to look at the screen when measuring.-Great quality for price paid.-Laser pointer extremely useful-Among other uses, helps me identify heat loss in my house and improve insulation.
    If it was certified also for body heat measurement, it would be "buy of the year"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A "must have" item !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great thermometer for Nitro RC car

    posted by roblox

    You can easily change settings from celsius to farenheit. There is also a feature that allows you to switch the laser of which I don't use but someone might find it handy. I was surprised at the accuracy of this thermometer, I would compare it to other thermometers I had around the house and it alway's came within a degree or two of those readings. The backlit LCD is a very nice addition that lets you easily read the screen.
    I've never used an infared thermometer but I was surprised that it can even read the correct temperature of water. I compared it with my thermometer in my Reef aquarium at home and this infared thermometer came within .5 degrees of what the other thermometer read.
    The bottomline is that this is a great tool for the price and one can find a few uses for it around the home. I mainly use this to tune my nitro RC car and it works very nicely.
  • Product Review

    posted by Fitty

    I brought this item and it's very easy to use, thought it's a little bulky I still thinks its good. The only problem is that I only use it once but within 24 hours I used it hourly and a few times each hour. Now it's not working, I am unsure what is the life span for this device.
    For standby usage, can consider and do not expect it will work long.
    Can buy
  • very usefulness

    posted by vrazel

    I need this because we have a little child. The product was good packed. In a few seconds you know the result. It is easy to use it. It should have the memory for the results.
    When the baby is sleeping you need not to wake up him to check the temperature. I will see how exact is the thermometer. You can check the temperature of the room too. It has comfortable form to hold.
    I recommend this product for everyone who has child. It is really usefulness.
  • Good and fast IR Thermometer

    posted by SereGGa98

    Very fast! measuring is about 1 second. It`s very comfortable for baby and parents. No need to hold baby fixed several minutes as with classic Hg thermometers.Can measure in Celsius and Fahrengate. To switch mode you must hold the button pressed about 2 seconds. Battery CR 2032 is included.
    In users manual is recomended to measure the temperature in ear.
    Good device! In our places such good costs about $30 and more. I`ve bought 6 pieces in DX for me and friends. All of them still working, all are happy.

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