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  • Perfect sensor if you're building an Arduino based wether station

    posted by anistor78

    The sensor if well supported by the Arduino platform. You can easily hook it up to an Arduino board. There are lots of tutorials for this on the internet. The sensor is also supported by a drop-in library by Adafruit. It took me just a few minutes to add this to my project.
    You can easily open the case with a sharp object and extract the circuit board and protect it with some epoxy lacquer. If you do this be sure to put some masking tape on the sensor before applying the lacquer or you will ruin it!
    Great buy for your DIY projects!
  • Very useful sensor

    posted by mcsarg

    Temperature and humidity sensor very useful for measuring aaplicaciones in electronic equipment, ultra-low power which can be installed on portable equipment, good coverage that protects from bumps
    I would put a protection of cables and most suitable electric insulation on the data bus, and some form of external calibration
    The bottom line is excellent for measuring these parameters and make a datalogger equipment to sample and store temperature and humidity with a microcontroller.
  • Nice Multimeter

    posted by wgriffa

    Nicely designed. When you select for example voltage the correct sockets for where you should plug in the leads lights up in red. Relative humidity and temperature are always displayed no matter what mode you are in. The back light it not simply and led or bulb shining on the display. The display has a beautiful even light blue back light. It is easily visible. It also responds quickly with a fast settling time. It offers dual temperature reading.
    I found an English manual at http://www.elektronika.rs.ba/data/prodaja/Minstrumenti/MapsourceManual.pdfThe build quality is near perfect I would rate it at 99 out of 100.
    If you want all the functions that this meter offers buy it. It is a meter worth having.
  • Very easy to use and very useful

    posted by gmv

    Very easy to use and deploy in a solution with arduino boards. Only need to download the DHT11 library from https://www.virtuabotix.com/ and learn how to use in the same page. Very easy to use.
    Perfects for arduino and Raspberry PI projects. Very useful for DIY projects that need simple wired. The price is perfect.
    The data is more than temperature and humidity, also you have boil temperature...
  • Cheap and good gadget / Barato e muito bom.

    posted by Tvs12345

    Its good and accurate, not too much but its still considerable and usefull, its simple and clean without any colours and weird designs like others thermometer here.
    É bom, bem útil e te da uma noção certa da temperatura, não é MUITO preciso, mas a margem de erro deve ser no máximo de 0,5 pra 1,5 graus. Se prender na parade com prego, aconselho a não deixar ele encostando na parede para não lhe informar a temperatura da parede, que geralmente é mais fria.
    also good for gifts
    good gadget for home.


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