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  • Excellent value for money

    posted by catarrh

    It's very well designed and built. Seems to be sturdy, there's soft plastic on top of hard plastic. Has most of the features I ever need. Autorange, with manual range option. Relative measurement. Separate plugs for current measurement. Isolated space for ceramic fuse. Clear readable display with back light. Sockets have LEDs to warn you if proper socket has no plug. Has thermocouple as well as ambient temperature meter.
    I would question usefulness of ambient temp./humidity, sound and light level meters, especially last two, as dedicated tools would be much more accurate, but no one forces me to use them, so it's not a con.. Though i would trade those extras for a more slim unit. It seems the same case is also used for a brother model with a distance meter in it, so there must be even more waste of space.It's relatively easy to add RS232 data logging to it, google for more info.
    It's a very good tool for a very good price.. Must be one of the best sellers already.
  • Very useful sensor

    posted by mcsarg

    Temperature and humidity sensor very useful for measuring aaplicaciones in electronic equipment, ultra-low power which can be installed on portable equipment, good coverage that protects from bumps
    I would put a protection of cables and most suitable electric insulation on the data bus, and some form of external calibration
    The bottom line is excellent for measuring these parameters and make a datalogger equipment to sample and store temperature and humidity with a microcontroller.
  • easy and fast to setup and use

    posted by andrjoha

    The biggest "pro" for this product that it has a onboard pul-up resistor. If you connect it to a Arduino or a Raspberry Pi there is no nead to use a seperate resistor between Vcc and signal. You can directly plug it to the board. There are alot of exampel codes writen on how to use this produkt and finnished programs you can call from your script/program.
    It would be even a better produkt if it hade some kinde of back cower for the circuiteboard. I will solder a cable direktly to the circuitboard and fasten it to a wall.
    Great product, a bit pricey. I needed a censor that could mesure bout negative and positive temperature. If you whant to log room temperature the DHT11 is cheaper.
  • Nice device

    posted by Zaglav

    Large display. Clear symbols. Easy to use. Sending reached within 30 days. A long enough cable to the sensor. Shows the level of humidity.
    I was searching for the device with two zones measuring temperature and humidity readings with this most successful.
    Time will tell how much the device is reliable and accurate.
  • Does what it says

    posted by joliva

    In just one component, it allows you to get measures regarding temperature and humidity. Accuracy is ok, just what description of the component said.Easy to use and comes with a cable that can be used directly with the Sensor Shield (for example) without the need of using any other extra component (resistors, etc).
    Ok for starting.
    Arduino enthusiast

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