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digital gauges Customers Reviews

  • Good for trouble

    posted by padrinho87

    The pressure gauge is the main point in this product and it works really well. I can easily read the pressure at any time that I want. Good to avoid high fuel consumption. The flashlight is good too. And the good thing is that I have all this things in one product, I don't need to buy it separately.
    I didn't checked the other utilities, like the hammer or the cutter. And I hope not to use it!
    Very good product, however I will only see its usefulness when I park my car in a lake.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge

    posted by stazinski

    '- display pressure gauge of tyres- works for car and motorbike- precise measure of the pression- scale for psi, bar, kpa and kg/cm2- simple to operate- battery included- portable- price is good
    I use this device mainly to measure the tire pressure to the motorbike. It works reliably and accurately.
    I use this device mainly to measure the tire pressure to the motorbike. It is a good buy for someone who needs to know the tires pressure. It works reliably and accurately.
  • Good Gauge

    posted by JohnH

    Works great even on tractor tyres with water in them
    Good value and accurate
  • Simple yet effective

    posted by Rebootedc

    Simple, easy to use, multiple measure units with just one click. Quite accurate compared with a callibrated gauge.
    It'll be tough to replace batteries, since there are no screws, only plastic clips. I hope I won't break any. :)
    Very helpful to know exactly your tyre pressures, which is important to save some fuel gallons. I'll never ever again trust in petrol stations pressure gauges. They lie like argentinians prime ministers.
  • Not bad

    posted by Licrym

    Heavy, easy in use, have magnets on bottom
    It use the same type of sensor, as digital calipers - capacitative disc rotor with pendulum, and stator with special IC. (signals on connector VCC, GND, DATA, CLK, RESET - maybe it possible read angle directly from sensor driver, before the LCD controller)This is relative inclinometer, you cannot find with them reference horizontal and vertical surfaces.
    You cannot replace with them bubble level, but it useful in some applications

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