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digital fm radio

You'll find the best digital fm radio for you here. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. You can find what you want at fm radio speaker, radio fm rechargeable. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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digital fm radio Customers Reviews

  • Digital TV Antenna with FM Radio - Black

    posted by vitimarcal

    It is a good product, accessible, adapting to any device that has digital tv antenna input P2. Do not work with orbe multimedia.
    Only works with devices having antenna input P2. information box with no manual and external information. Could site contains information on compatibility!
    Não consegui instalar no multmidia da ORBE, por incompatibilidade de entrada. Porém instalei em outro carro que tinha a mesma entrada para antena FM. a TV DIGITAL contiunuou sem funcionar. Porém o produto funciona!
  • Nice TV Tuner SET

    posted by m80116

    Works as advertised. TV quality is very good. Software is also good. Praised as having a stand alone TV thanks to the antenna entry. Has a handy remote control.
    It is a really welcome addition to your laptop set, enables you to watch TV easily when you are camping with the included antenna, and use a stadard one when you have the jack at your disposal
    Buy with no reserve, it is a really good product.
  • Good and tuny radio

    posted by Olpok

    Tiny radio, cheap and very easy to operate. Just needs 2 AAA batteries. Fits in a small pocket.
    Though the radio will amplify noise (in between radiostations or when used too close to i.e. a computer), it can receive very weak FM radiostations - even some stations I can't receive with other much bigger (and more expensive) radios.
    Tiny radio, tiny price, good price / quality ratio.
  • TVR Vehicle Digital TV / Radio FM Antenna - Black (240cm-Cable)

    posted by petemisu

    Great value, very easy to install and pro unnoticed its small size, strength and signal quality is more or less buena.se sticks very well on the glass.hide the cable is easy to be narrow, almost no need to dismantle anything.
    happy, other antennas are very expensive.recommend it to a friend, more than one likes my installation.
  • Small SW radio

    posted by Juniperus

    This radio is quite good , reception is fine and the audio is clear. Yesterday evening I received stations from China, India, USA and many more to here Finland. MW reception is very good ,usually those bands are not good here , but with this radio I could hear them also. AA batteries do fit in, at least Soshine 2500 mAh batteries does.Antenna is quite short , but that seems not to be a problem. TV channels are not in use here due of digital broadcasting but other FM stations are clear to be heard between 76-108 mhz. The tuning knob is too small but can be used .The size of the radio is small so it is easily taken with and the radio fits to pockets as well.With headphones it is easier to listen remote stations.
    When listening SW stations they are best received after sun set.
    Cheap radio which is quite good.

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