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  • Nice product!

    posted by stewe71

    Really easy to use also if mine was only with chinese instructions.Nice little led flashlight.It seems to be very accurate.
    I tried to test it by a software on the net and it seems to be very accurate; obviously it cannot be an official product to test your alcohol level in your blood, and the only way to be safe is to DO NOT drink before driving or working in not safe places where you need maximum level of attention.
    Really nice portable item!
  • Excellent watch

    posted by batmana

    This is my favorite brand of watch. I have used a different model previously. It comes with handy extras such as date, day of the week, backlight, stopwatch, alarm... The price is very good, I do not find any of the models of Ohsen watches expensive.
    I would buy again an Ohsen watch whenever I need one.
    Like I mentioned, this is my favorite brand of watch. I would buy again without hesitation. The price is really good for such a quality watch.
  • Nice compact scales

    posted by 1337cookie

    Very small with a strong cover. The backlight is very pretty white and very easy to read. They appear accurate when comparing them with other scales and calibration weights I own.The fold over cover doubles as a tray.AAA Batteries are cheap, long lasting and easy to get.Buttons have a nice affirmative pressing feel when operated.Indicates when overloaded or tilting with a small O in the bottom left of the screen.Firm construction for size with a battery compartment that doesn't appear to come loose in any way.Easily concealed.
    One of the several I bought had the battery terminals around the wrong way so modification was required to repair. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as just disassembling them as they are sealed in.
    Good scales very cheap. Well designed.
  • 5-Digit LED Precision Meter & Display Combo

    posted by RAndris

    Ready to go meter. This tiny meter is awesome, red LED display is highly visible, response time is fast. Good measurement averaging and average pulse immunity. No separate power supply needed if measuring voltages > 3.5V and source allow to supply from it.
    I am using this meter to check and monitor power supplies instead of carrying multimeter around.
    Compared full range voltage readings with 5-Digit multimeter - precision is perfect for price.
  • Documentation??? Shunt??? 50A???

    posted by sale030

    Nice design, good price, small and usefull for different projects, good combination of colours, very atractiv.
    Very usable for DIY projects, so as all other products from this web site.
    Will be nice to publicate documentation for that so as for all other products from DX. Otherwise, I love DX.

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