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digital detector Customers Reviews

  • Good tool for measuring lot of stuff

    posted by troger19

    It looks like a profesional tool, very durable and solid, with lot of functions. When you come closer to power socket with high volatege, 220V, diod on a top of a Multimeter start to blink.
    As far as I try to measure something, it works.
    Working voltmeter which looks like profesional one.
  • Works great!

    posted by kimkiwiclan

    I ordered one to test with the Hydra Control Freak. I connected it to the HCF with a Phidget I/O board. Works very well. 100% reliable, wired triggering and no false alarms that are sometimes experience with PIR sensors with cloud/sun flares.I've ordered another one so I can provide details on how to use it with the Freak.
    Although it looks easy to setup using the built-in level meter, I aligned it using a night vision device which made it a real cinch to setup.
    I run the Hydra Control Freak website. When I receive the second one it is my intention to take detailed photos of how to setup this up and configure it and place the HOWTO online. With this setup you can view video capture of the intrusion with seconds of triggering the beam and then setup of real world events such as flashing lights and alarms. Solid preventative security!
  • Very interesting device.

    posted by Arkad

    Good quality build. Used the latest electronic components. Looks like a real Cobra. It contains a GPS receiver that allows you to use the data on the coordinates of cameras, as well as customize the detector response depending on the speed of movement. It is possible to fix the signal (frequency), which are false (interference). There is a mini-usb. It is hoped that it will be possible to update the software and the coordinates of the cameras in future. There are two modes of the superheterodyne.
    Hope someone else will buy it. Together, we can win it.
    I hope detector will catch all of radar signals.

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