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digital camera bag Customers Reviews

  • Bag with many uses

    posted by Dave1710

    Nice and soft - would protect well.Would fit an SLR/ DSLR lens in too, which is what I bought it for to then go in a rucsack to keep it clean. Would suit all sorts of other uses.Looks quite expensive I guess.Well made - seems quite tough to damage.
    Nice bag for the price. It feels inside like a fleece, soft and would keep any items inside from getting scratched. If you put your camera in there it could double as an emergency screen cleaner. Outside has a velour feel.
    Useful if you've lost or worn out your hard case, but I suspect if you have a newish digital camera, in most cases this version would be too big. I'd consider dropping to one of the smaler versions unless, like me, you bought it for a short DSLR lens.
    Good price for what it is though.
  • Bolsa para câmera Boa

    posted by machadense

    Boa bolsa para a câmera, serviu perfeitamente na minha câmera DSC-WX100 SONY, a qualidade parece ser boa, almofadada por dentro. Poder se colocado bateria reserva ou cartão de memoria na parte frontal da bolsa.
    Serve para maquinas fotográficas compactas, serve também para a Samsung.
    Boa compra vale a pena comprar
  • Neat Protective Pouch!

    posted by trazomfreak

    This thing is a simple drawstring pouch that I can see being used for lots of different things. The strings are sturdy and the pouch itself is made from a soft but not cheaply thin fabric. It's even nice enough to place a gift inside.
    I can see this being used for jewelry or small things not to get lost in a bag. I'm using it simply for my camera lens. My camera bag is already VERY cushion-y but I place my lens in this bag simply for my lens not to get scratched. I'm not relying on this bag for cushioning, just to keep the body away from the other things in the bag. (I use a Slingshot 100AW camera bag.) Before this little pouch, I was simply wrapping my lenses in a large handkerchief.
    This pouch is very useful. I'll get a few more for traveling or use for another camera accessory. Or to place a small gift in.
  • Very good, inexpensive

    posted by rikumal

    Firm case for small cameras. Zipper works very good, material inside the case wont hurt your camera and overall quality is very good considering the price.
    Clip that comes with the camera can also be useful if you want to just hang your camera from somewhere for easy access.
    Perfect case for small pocket size camera.
  • Pouch bag C1

    posted by VasaX

    Decent quality.Soft quite thick material (it is not just cloth).Good string, you can close it very firmly.Useful.I use this one for carrying my change, or it could easily fit small lenses like Canon 50/1.8 or classic cheap 18-55 zoom one, but I doubt it comfortably fits more than very small digital cameras.
    Good for holding lenses, small digital cameras, etc.I have some of them in different sizes, and using the smallest as coin pouch and others as lense pouch, when I just want to grab my camera and take secondary lens with me in backpack and travel on light.
    Good pouches, different sizes, quality is decent, so the price, so I recommend it.There is other pouch if you need pouch for your lense, better, from thick neoprene-style material with only major flaw - it could not be fully closed because of material stiffness.

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