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These cool digital battery tester are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Your support is our greatest motivation.

digital battery tester Customers Reviews

  • Better than a multimeter

    posted by bmorey

    I bought this because I couldn't get an accurate indication of battery charge from my multimeter. The device I was using batteries in wouldn't work yet the multimeter showed 1.1 volts so the batteries should have been OK. On re-testing with this item the voltage under load was 0.8v. That's why the device wouldn't work. Testing under load is that way to go.
    Only suitable for 1.5v batteries. No big deal as 1.2v rechargeables can be re-used, obviously. 1.5v batteries must be thrown out when dead.I preferred a tester that is battery powered. Seems to indicate it is more accurate,
    Does the job.
  • Not too bad

    posted by shankus

    1. I like this. I've been looking for a cell tester for years that displays voltage instead of the radio shack type: red, yellow & green. I don't want an idea of the cell's condition, I want data.2. Doesn't need a separate cell to power it.
    1. Finally, a cheap small solution, instead of stringing out a full size multimeter.2. I waxed the arm on mine, it was a bit stiff extending and retracting. Just rub a candle on the extended arm and work it back and forth a few times.
    Get one, it is accurate for most purposes.
  • good product

    posted by jeka123

    It's always a dilemma if to through the old batteries or to keep and use in other device. So this Digital Battery Power Level Tester is very usefull tool. Now I can test the used batteries and leave only the good ones. This device is quite accurate and very handy.
    The result is calculated surprisingly very fast.
    Good product, hope that the build quality is good enough to work for couple of years.
    With some minor limitations the tester does exactly what you would expect.
    Worth the money, because it saves money!

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