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digital amplifier Customers Reviews

  • Good if you know how to use it.

    posted by BobEast

    Very small footprint for mounting in a project. Easy to wire, and works great off an Arduino power pin. When wired to a 4ohm speaker, amplifies the signal nice and loud. Great price, other places sell this unit for $15 or more.
    a small wiring diagram would be useful. There are some pictures online of how it can be wired.
    Good for making your audio loud, but requires an external volume control.
  • Good amplifier for all your 2.1 needs

    posted by skinnybloke

    This is a great low power consumption 3 channel amplifier, it can run from very low voltages with no loss of sound quality, just lower power output, works very well with all the DX buck boost convertors SKU 214310 so you can run it off 12vol well... very low noise, and when paired with good speakers the quality is outstanding !
    I brought this for use on a push bike, the sound pumping off your bike with this module at the heart of it will make all your bike friends jelous, mayvbe with solar and dynamo power you may never need to run out of battries.
    I really like this amp, it does sound very good for the price :)
  • High quality feel

    posted by Fixus123

    Using it together with SKU: 170667. This makes a good combo. The power supply feels like a high quality part. Housing is finished very well, no cracking, both the input and output cable are of a good quality, as is the output connector.Apparently high efficiency: does not get warm.
    I cannot judge the quality of the power supply internals as the thing is glued together. It is quite light, but if the inside is as good as the outside, there should be no problem.
    price is a bit steep, but quality is OK
  • Amazing for the price and the size!!

    posted by ratronix

    It is Small, powerfull, with clear sound. allows to control bass and tremble and you can plug a USB reader.in the images it would seem bigger than it is. so it's smaller, more or less the size of half a 3.5" Hard Disc.
    Very useful if you have a pair of old speakers (not very powerful though) and your HI-Fi stoped working and you want to use them without needing to buy a big amplifier or a new hi-fi equipment.
    Amazing sound for this price, and good quality
  • A good product

    posted by Zootoca

    Looks good, feels good, works fine.
    No radio. It can be used as a drive with a computer. You can use the mic when playing music, but not when using aux out.
    I like it but miss the radio. Maybe the antenna would be a problem. Clearly a quality product - all but the sticker on top.


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