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digital alcohol Customers Reviews

  • It works well....much better than I expected.

    posted by MrBlues

    What can I say, it works well....much better than I expected. Results generally fall near where you would expect on the standard BAC chart, but feel it should read much higher when drinking on an empty stomach.The product is sturdy, has a nice blue LCD display, includes cloth case, and is small enough to carry around in your pocket. Ready to use when you need it. I’m glad I purchased this breathalyzer, much better than an arrest in my book!!
    How long will this breathalyzer remain calibrated?
    Would recommend to a friend.
  • Works fine

    posted by Khmerperson

    Works just like its supposed to work. My friend gargled Listerine for half of a minute and tried it out and it worked perfectly fine. He later tried it out with real, drinkable alcohol and it worked for that too. its fun to use to see how drunk you "legally" are. you can also use it right before you drive to see if it is safe and legal to drive so you won't get busted by the cops if you get pulled over!!! it is funny to see how much different types of alcohol affect your blood alcohol content.
    Its cool to have and fun to use. I like it very much and recommend it to anybody who wants or needs one.
    if you want it get it! if you need it get it! it is more than good, its GREAT!!! so get it!
  • It seems to work okay. Don't know if is precise.

    posted by rsabin

    - The display is easy to understand.
    - Includes wrist strap.
    - Cheap!
    - Includes manual.
    - Instructions:
    1. Press the ON button until turn on (bip emits).
    2. Wait for 10 seconds for warm-up (bip emits).
    3. Blow air from your lunges, slow, the maximum time you can resist.
    4. Check the results! If you are drunk, many bips emit!!
    - Because of the price, its worth to buy.
    - I got three of those!
  • Be sure before driving....

    posted by Akrosupak

    Very nice design. Display is easy to use. Detailed manual on how to use it. Folding tube is perfect. After folding you can fit tester in any pocket.
    I am very satisfied with this tester. I tryied few other and this one looks very professional. I will get 3 other for my friend.
    Good choice for reasonable price if you need to be sure before driving or other activities. I will recommend this one for other s also. Let go party !!!
  • Nice and cheap alcohol meter w/digital display

    posted by Ovejota

    - It is quite cheap, indeed!
    - Digital display with easy to read results.
    - If used properly, it can be quite useful.
    - Small enough to leave it in the car permanently.
    A custom designed blowing tube can be attached for more realiable operation, but design must be adjusted to obtain good readings.
    A nice breathalizer at a reasonable price.
    Recommended if you don't need a high precission measure.

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