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digital alarm Customers Reviews

  • Very Impressive Alarm Clock for your WorkPlace

    posted by Morvan

    - Beautiful, charming design. Puts functionality and beauty at your office;- Giant numbers, for people like me, almost blind, it is a must;- Position Sensor permits you to put it in any direction (fast accelerometer detection);- Easy to configure. The buttons are big and sensible;- Well made. Strong, solid cabinet.
    - I did buy, albeit I said it is spencer, cause it is a very charming item for your workplace. And, anyway, it was a novelty for me.
    Even this device do not have more functionality aggregate to alarm clock, as I have said, you should buy it for your home or your work, cause it is very beautiful and compelling. Impressive. Charming digital alarm clock.
  • great and simple alarm-clock

    posted by Loki4wd

    Backlight control, loud alarm, easy to set up, nice design.
    Bought this clock for the bedroom. The ability to change the backlight intensity is awesome!!! The only problem is that I always get up after the first alarm signal, I've never needed the snooze mode in my life.
    I just want to press one button one time, get up and never worry about setting the alarm clock for the next morning ... but with this clock I have to switch the alarm off and then on again, otherwise it would ring again in 8 minutes.
  • student

    posted by companygadgets

    lungs large numbers. there is a sound signal.look at that price average
    If your pulse will be measurements at the bottom of the hours it will be a big plus.
    I recently stole those hours I'm more the second time they were not purchased.
  • What we needed in the beedrom

    posted by tsaalu

    Since I got a mobile for many years ago I stopped using a "table" clock that I thought it is enough to use it as a clock and as an alarm clock, but when you wake up during the night you have to push on the button on the mobile to see what time it is.But now since I got this item I just have to look at it to see what time it is, the date and the temperature when you need to know.
    I tried to find a LCD display clock which it is like an ordinary wall clock anywhere any without luck.So I just chose this item.
    Very useful for me and my wife when our boy wakes up during the night so we can see what time it is and if it is too warm or too cold for our boy.
  • Very useful compact clock with double alarm.

    posted by day777

    This device fits me by its small size and oval shape – I can keep it under my pillow. Two alarm signals are used by me and my wife separately – very comforted feature. Soft blue backlight is very nice in the darkness. Enough loud signals I can hear even under my pillow.
    But the other details and functions have not any problems.
    I am satisfied by this device. I think here is the best quality/price rate.

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