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  • Self-explanatory dice-roller

    posted by PrometheusZX

    Does exactly what you would expect: Contains a set of dice, and lets you roll them by shaking the container (which seems to be quite solidly built).
    The dice are easily-readable, and the painting on them seems to be just fine (at least on mine).
    I haven't seen dice-rollers like this anywhere else, and the price isn't too bad for what it is.
    The dice are not removable from the cup - because they are so small, this is a good thing if you have animals or children around who may be tempted to try to eat them if they came loose.
    Ideal for travel use - no need to carry easily lost separate dice, just put this on your keychain or in your bag.
    It's a dice-roller containing dice, at a not-too-bad price. :P
  • Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician

    posted by mmcoelho

    Great trick, you don´t need to be a skilled magician. Even a little children can play as great magician with this. If you have some skills as a magician, you can discover a lot of new tricks.
    My children loved it. They can play it without any special trainning.
    I think that for this price you can´t buy anything better than this. In Brazil you will pay ten times more.
  • Better product than I expected! Works great!!!!

    posted by diegocamp

    Simple tu use, nice quality! The shipping package was just ok, but it did the job.
    It could ship with a better set of dices instead the ones provided,maybe single colored ones but in different colors to avoid changing them all the time for different rolls, but still a nice product
    Worth your money, I'm satisfied with this product!

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