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You will be surprised our best dice pack with an artful design and an amazing price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

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  • Cute but heavy

    posted by cheshirenoir

    They are great for any gambler or (in my case) gamer geek. they are much bigger than you'd expect and seem to be well made. They rotate fine and look rather nifty. They have an excellent finish on them.
    If they had been $5 I would have purchased more sets for friends.
    Got a nerdy boyfriend / girlfriend who wears cuffshirts? They are a rabid gamer? (GURPS or D20) Buy them these! They'll be mistified but thank you for them.
  • Just like the 5mm ones, only slightly bigger

    posted by LagniManiac

    They're super.They're mini.They're colorful.They're DICE!!But seriously - nice build - dots nice and clear, evenly layed out on the sides, which are nice and flat.
    As with the 5mm ones, the dots on the green ones are red.
    If 8mm is too big for you, and 5mm is too small - buy these. Assuming that is you have a use for 50 dice this tiny.
  • Funny dice game

    posted by Pokopet

    Nice. Very funny. Words are clearly written on the dices. It doesn't needs intructions :P. Perfect to enjoy with your partner ;). it gives you differents ideas. it´s portable. Exelent git.
    The price is perfect. You will have a lot of fun with that and get some new exciting experiences
    Now i got all the night to play it, babe ;) It´s make me feel lucky XD I would this
  • Nice ten d10 dices

    posted by krasny2k5

    Very nice dices. Good quality, very nice contrast between the white numbers and red background, that make it very readable for your games. Compatible with any game that uses ten sided dices.
    You can combine with the blue dice set, or use the red ones for the 1-100 rolls in some games.
    I bought it for use in Vampire Rol game, and there are very cool. Get this one before hardly readable dices in the market.
  • A small bag of tiny dice, in bright colors

    posted by LagniManiac

    They're TINY!! - 5mm dice - that's small.Built well - All of mine are nice even squares, with the dots etched in nicely, slightly rounded corners.They're colourful - my 50 came in a nice assortment of colours, just like in the photos.
    I have absolutely no intention of using these for gaming - I will probably give away or sell some, and buy more, in this size, or the 6, or 8 mm varieties, or the 100 packs of unspecified size.I might fill up the small translucent bear coin bank I have (also from DX), or use a bunch of these to make some "dot art".Just like in the picture, the dots on the light green dice are red, instead of black. I guess maybe someone pressed the wrong button for a batch of light grren dice at the factory? whatever the reason, it's cool.
    Tiny dice for a not so tiny price, but still worth it, IMHO.

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