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  • Motherboard POST disgnostic tester

    posted by abaldini

    The display it's easy to read because it is on an external daughterboard.Plug the card in a PCI slot with the pc powered down. Power on and choose the brand of your motherboard bios:AMIAWARDPHOENIXand that's all, the card show the P.O.S.T. (power on self test) steps
    Could be necessary to test the pc in different PCI slots, because the diagnostic codes are not displayed in every single slot. This is not a tester bug, it's the bios of your motherboard.
    Could save hours of diagnostic
  • Good quality

    posted by webside

    - works great but not for noob users- nice technology
    nice quality / price value
    nice diagnostic card
  • Not what I expected

    posted by koleski

    This tool makes it possible to diagnose PC's via parallel port. Simple and easy to use. Good build quality. Can diagnose machines via usb and parallel port so no need to disassemble case. 4 digit display that shows 2 codes at a time.
    This device will save you a lot of time if you know how to use it.
    Great price, well worth the buy. Great DX service and fast shipping. Highly recommended.
  • Diagnostic Card

    posted by whitetop1

    very happy with this i got it and pluged it in boom found my problem why i didnot get all my power turns out the update to my bios was corrupted its just what i wanted to find out worked on my lappy as well but found no problems but aleast it found that.
    very good built for the price
    very glad of the work it can do for the price
    but cannot moan for the price thx to dx i got my problem sorted out
  • LPC POST Debug card review

    posted by SomeOtherGuy

    Supports the Intel standard LPC Bus Port 80h Debug protocol. (and I2C, MiniPCI / Mini-PCIe)Which covers 95% of common POST debug interfaces.Works exactly as expected.Also there is a manual.Bright Green LED 7-segment display.
    If you need to Debug a POST sequence with a Laptop that isn't quite booting properly, this is the card to use.
    An excellent tool for any PC technician, and a must have for PC/Laptop repair and diagnostics. Don't leave your toolkit without one.


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